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    Levelling as Disc?

    Just wanted to know if anyone out there tried levelling a priest recently and has tried all 3 specs.
    I'm currently levelling as disc because it seems to be quicker for kills. But I wanted to know if at any point I should bother with shadow?

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    It might feel better, but when you get the hang of multidotting, you can kill 10 mobs at once as shadow.

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    Nah that's too innefficient at a higher level. You'll have to reapply dots several times, gather mobs, etc.

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    Did 1-84 multidoting on my priest personaly, and 2 dots killed all mobs. 84-85 i did as healer in normals for rep and JP though, so dont know how it is there.

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    I leveled my priest a few months ago, went all the way as shadow + multidotting. As people have said you can kill a lot of mobs, but if you're in heirlooms you can basically kill as many mobs as you can tag, just vampiric touch, sw pain, and move on.

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    Disc is better until around lvl60-70, with BoE gear mobs die really fast and that is what matters. At low levels single penance is often enough to one shot mobs, then later add holy fire/smite. Less mana troubles, atonement makes care of healing yourself so no need to switch out of shadow for healing like shadow has to do and it allows soloin all group quests/elites much more easily than shadow. Less mana problems (none). And low level dungeons go much faster too with atonement being enough to heal tank most of time... effectively group having 4 dps+tank.

    Shadow could MAYBE allow to make big pulls bit faster, but any time there is less mobs available to pull (thats often) disc wins.

    Basically, as shadow you use 3 seconds to dot mob, then wait 10 sec for mob die (mind flay, dotting other mobs et). As disc, mob dies in those first 3 seconds.

    About time you go northend its time to switch shadow as mobs start to take too much time to kill so shadows better dps over longer time pulls ahead. Then its bit painfull until you get Mind spike at level81 or something as mobs are bit slow to kill thanks to shadows ramp-up time, and making big pulls wont work too well either as BoE are no more overpowered in Northend, mobs hit harder and have much more health. You prolly want to keep disc-atonement spec still for group quests/elites.

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