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    Disc char input (with logs)

    Ok, round 2 on this. I'm looking for any input on my character that'd be useful to me Don't judge our guild on 11 wipes on shannox, we had an off night



    World of Logs:

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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    OT: If you have the time, make links clickable (if possible) for us poor mobile phone readers ;P
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    I can't... I'm too new Sorry about that.

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    A few comments:

    Why do you not take the 20 spirit bonus in your legs, but you gem for the chest bonus? If you don't need the spirit on the legs and are going for more throughput but gemming that way, wave in more bubbles on your OT. You're also missing the belt extra socket.

    This more of a strat suggestion, but I'd put your DK on Shannox, rather than Riplimb to tank. He can make far more out of his self healing that way, rather than being idol while the dog runs back to Shannox.

    If you're on tank healing duty, which i'm assuming you are, and you really want to boost HPS and have the mana, use PoH when the spear lands to help heal the raid up, because god know tank healing on that fight is boring enough as it is assuming tanks drop their stacks regularly.

    Take my advice with a grain of salt, kind of new at analyzing logs and I don't pretend to be the lord of priest knowledge.

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    You caught my belt in between a change, I have the extra socket with the int gem in it now.

    I suppose you make a fair point on the chest bonus... It's honestly just extra because a 40 int gem = 20int/spr +20 bonus... but I did remove spirit ANYWAYS so it's kind of a wash. I do sit at around 2250 spirit right now, which seems to be working well for me.

    Good input on dk tank, I'll bring that up for sure.

    Good idea too with the pom on the spear too... I know I need to cast that more anyways.

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    clickable links for poor mobile phone readers

    edit: those are repeated links from the first post, not my links, just to avoid more confusion
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    From looking at the logs on one of your last fights if I'm not mistaken you are tank healing the main tank ( pally on shannox ) while the DK and holy pally are on the dog, as someone said before DK tanks have some awesome self healing / bubbles that really help main tanking, as for you tank healing I do the same but your spells list is very single target you do raid heal but you seam to be focusing on bubbles and greater heals which for your group setup it isn't ideal.

    Is your pally replaceable? the reason I ask is because your play style is very tank healing focused so because you already have a strong single target healer in the group ( the pally ) you should widen your spell usage, assist the raid with more then just bubbles and single target spells if you can't do it then you may need another raid healer instead of the pally.

    If a pally is raid healing more then a disc priest then it means the priest is slacking no matter what its role is.
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    Sprites, looking at your full WoL report it seems you are missing out on many of your cooldowns.

    Your PW:S up time is 28.2% and DA 22.5% yet you are stacking Mastery to 17.27%.

    Your self heals are very low, both the Druid and Pally healed you more. You only had four PW:S self casts and DA (on self) 13 times, binding heal two times.

    Your received two Innervates, yet only cast Power Infusion one time on self.

    Pain Suppression and Barrier never used.

    Your gear and stats seem fine, but by being more mindful of your self healing and cooldowns your team will have greater success.

    Note: This log is all based on Shannox, but looking at your play style, you may even want to try boosting your haste.

    Note 2: With Shannox the raid can be spread out, make sure to set your groups so that you are in group with your tank, stand in range of tank AND your other DPS and cast PoH on self, this will allow you to still take advantage of you DA while maintaining heals on your tank and self.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madam View Post
    Babylon, looking at your full WoL report it seems you are missing out on many of your cooldowns.
    darling, those are Sprites logs (from the first post) linked in a clickable way, as a response to Cryonic request.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylon View Post
    darling, those are Sprites logs (from the first post) linked in a clickable way, as a response to Cryonic request.
    Edit made, sorry guess I need more coffee

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    madam has pretty much summed it up, but jsut to add...

    DPS is fairly low, all averaging 13-16k. and especially on that last attempt almost everyone lost DPS during the bloodlust phase ><

    if your tank healing, grab the glyph of barrier for that fight. once the dogs are down, getting the tank to hover in the barrier for a few secs whilst the healing is stabilised will help. be liberal with your CDs like madam says. if there is an oh shit moment, where the tank is running away, pain suppress and regain position.

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    Hmm ok, more interesting and good info!

    For PW:S/DA uptime being that low, that's pretty weird. All I do is throw a shield on the tanks, and remove weakened soul with heal/gheal depending on amount of damage, and then REAPPLY another shield.

    Understood on the self healing, I typically let myself get lower than the average bear which is probably causing the other healers to panic and heal me, instead of me doing it. I will start healing myself more then.

    I was assigned to the pally tank who was on shannox, druid was assigned to raid heals, and the holy pally is the GM, so he's not replaceable and he put himself on the offtank healer. I felt that the pally was taking a lot of burst damage throughout the fight, so healing him was more of a full time job than our normal main tank is.

    I appreciate the info so far! It has given me a lot to re-examine.

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    im in your same comp. our paladin mainly watches tanks, i hybrid, druid does his thing. disc and paladins can be be great at keeping the tank up, but disc can be more versatile in 10. crit/haste for it. math is at EJ. there are still bubble spammers in 25s who just stack mastery, don't mix up their advice with this.

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