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    Is it fair to be a Tailor in Northrend?

    I've been levelling a new character as a Tailor, and finding out how ridiculous amount of Frostweave Cloth you need in Northrend.
    Even with my main character's help, it's taking its toll of time being wasted on farming and difficulty of the farm itself compare to the other loots so far(or maybe Netherweave Cloth was too easy? :P)

    However, I believe I can't judge so easily since the only professions I've been through for the past years were: Engineering, Mining, and Herbalism.
    Yet that doesn't make me stop from thinking that this required amount of Frostweave Cloth is way too overwhelming.

    What do you guys think?

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    It was fair when other people were in Northrend as well and would filter their cloth drops into the AH. It's not anymore.

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    I think you should've bought all the cloth off the AH. it's cheap now. Atleast it was when I did it.(few months ago)
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    There are no good spots to farm Frostweave cloth in Northrend. Compared to mining, where you KNOW where to go for which ore, it is a little unfair. In my experience the only good spot to try and farm Frostweave is Ice Crown, off the Fallen Heroes. Even then you're looking at a 40%-50% at best.

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    Run dungeons for toons that are of the northrend scale. There's tons of mobs that drop frostweave
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    as a tailor i can say when you start off in borean or howling it's a struggle to gather everything you need, but by the time you're in zuldrak & icecrown you're gathering way more than you can use.

    I was cursing too when I was still in borean & dragonblight, you'll get your a-ha moment

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    Agree with above. The higher levels will provide you with so much Frostweave, it's not even funny anymore.
    Hell, I only go to Northrend for the occasional trinket farm or daily and I still end up with bags full of that stuff
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    Hmm, interesting. I guess it just didn't feel quite right with the demanded quantity of material for the past expansion, hence, the past content.
    But I guess you guys are right about how levelling and the supply meet at certain point.

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    its fair and doesnt really even deserve its own thread about it

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    Even with my main character's help
    Just remember... you proc a lot of cloth from northrend scavenging, so it's usually best to farm on the character that has the tailoring skill, or just buy it on the AH.

    I think everything feels grindy when you're doing it in old content, just trying to level up to current content. My main is tailoring, and to be honest, I had maxed tailoring just from questing and running dungeons before I hit level 80 in wrath. But now with guild perks and more heirlooms and people knowing the quests and the content, less dungeon runs for gear and more emphasis on level to cataclysm as quickly as possible, I'd guess it seems a LOT more grindy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twotonsteak View Post
    There are no good spots to farm Frostweave cloth in Northrend. Compared to mining, where you KNOW where to go for which ore, it is a little unfair. In my experience the only good spot to try and farm Frostweave is Ice Crown, off the Fallen Heroes. Even then you're looking at a 40%-50% at best.
    That's not true. I recently leveled another character, and had to farm Frostweave Cloth.

    The best place is west of Ebon Hold in Icecrown. The mobs where you have to challenge them as a part of a quest.

    Fast respawn rate, and with a high drop rate of Frostweave Cloth.

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    i normally get a stack just doing the AT dailies so the drop rate is good as a talior just bear with it, you will have the same issue with cata mobs that you catch up on cloth drop with higher level mobs

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    It's just a different kind of farming mats compared to other professions. The tailoring/enchanting combo is special that way because you actually get to produce something with both professions, whereas if you pick BS or engineering, you are forced to also pick mining if you want to be self-sufficient. If you pick LW, you need skinning, alchemy/inscription needs herbalism.

    Enchanting and tailoring is special in the sense that they both require killing mobs for mats, unlike any other profession, HOWEVER, playing smart you can do it without too much hassle.

    Boost 70-80 chars in WotLK instances in return for all the cloth (you're bound to find individuals who wont trade, but most people I've met are honest enough and happy for the boost). That way you'll get several stacks in no time. Otherwise, go to the Fallen Heroes in Icecrown, lots of mobs in a tight space. Alternatively, just run through WotLK instances solo, it just takes longer and gets more boring, in my own opinion.

    About the place where you challenge mobs for a quest, I guess it's a matter of luck - when I tried that spot, I stayed there for about an hour and I had half a stack to show for my efforts - not exactly high drop rate if you ask me.

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