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    [TV] Should i start watching The Wire ?

    I heard about it plenty of times , Senario sounds intresting but nothing special , havent read that much about althought.
    Can someone convince me to watch this show? Or perhaps you got another option .. i ran out of shows at the momment :L
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    Man I dont watch many shows past 2 and a hald men and crappy soaps, I like my movies you know?

    As far as a series. The Wire is the best crime/thriller sort of thing I have ever seen, it bet alot of movies for quality in my books. There isnt that much going on in it so its easy to follow if you miss an episode. But yeah, its good.
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    It is the greatest TV series ever. And I am not just saying that like "This is the greatest hot dog ever!!!!" It really is the best made TV series I have ever seen. I will warn you that some people say it starts out slow and I guess if you are used to CSI-type solve a crime in an hour type shows, it would be slow, but that isnt what The Wire is about. It is not about solving a crime, it is about showing that there are all kinds of people on all sides of the drug trade. There is really no true good or evil in the series, just a bunch of people trying to live their lives in the screwed up world they were born into.

    The real question is why are you not watching The Wire right now!

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    When you get through especially the first two episodes, it's just amazing. I once started watching it and couldn't get through the first episode, it gets very slow.

    It took me 2 years to once again pick up that show, and I somewhat want to watch through it the 3rd time. Simply the best show made to this day.

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    Once you watch it, you just can't stop watching it, once it's over, you'll want to watch it all over again, it's a really great show. Really worth watching, doesnt matter if you watched it when it came on, or if you watch it 20 years from now, whenever you watch it, it will be the same greatness, you won't be disappointed, unless it's not your kind of show.

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    Oh hell yes. It's a crime drama unlike any other. There are some slow parts, but the whole series is well done and concludes nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zodiacgk View Post
    Should i start watching The Wire ?

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    You don't want to miss this show.

    The last 5 minutes of episode 10 and the first 10-15 minutes of episode 11 is some of the best tv ever.

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    The Wire is great and it's one of the highest rated shows for a reason. That said, it's all about managing expectations.

    The Wire is without doubt the most realistic police show in the world.
    -It's not exciting like Breaking Bad
    -It doesn't have massive Action like Nikita
    -It doesn't have suspense like Dexter

    In fact, watching the first few episodes you might even think it's boring. But give it time. Just like any great story it grows on you.

    The Wire will give you a better sense of real POLICE work than any other show out there. But like most HBO shows, it won't trick you into thinking police work is more than it is.

    The great thing about the Wire are the memorable characters. From the drug dealers at the side of the road, over Stringer Bell to McNaulty and all the other side players that accompany the show.

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    Breaking bad season just ended and i was thinking about watch this along side dexter and smallville.

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