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    Quote Originally Posted by Shon237 View Post
    LOL..Yeah tool I watched it on youtube. WTF...I'm not gonna download some boss kill video. LOL nerd...
    Lol look, it's a case of irony right here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hypermode View Post
    who won the mount/what dropped?
    3025 gold 63 silver 85 copper (roughly 121 gold each)
    Smoldering Egg of Millagazor
    Vessel of Acceleration (2x)
    Choker of the Vanquished Lord (2x)
    Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor
    Fingers of Incineration
    Crown of the Fiery Vanquisher (3x)
    Eternal Ember (2x)

    No idea who won what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michikawa View Post
    All the Celestial Aeon Project tunes on Paragon's Ragnaros video are Creative Commons, you can download them from
    Love CAP... they have some amazing stuff on Jamendo, along with Josh Woodward, Project Divinity, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Atomic Cat and a bunch of others I keep trolling their site for. Nice to see them getting used!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepingforest View Post
    He's binding an elemental lord in his own plane of existence, that not badass enough for you?
    Nope. Not when a random fire druid can root the Archdruid in place and "kill" him with a few casts

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    Wow... not a word about the "heirloom server transfer". I guess they forgot all about it. In any case i seem to have forgot to pay the subscription/lost interest in wow the last two months. The problem with WoW unlike a few other mmo's out there... When you stop playing WoW you don't get any withdrawal symptoms. Life just goes on without a single thought to the game. That is a shame. I remember playing daoc back in 2001-2005. Every time i would think about how awesome it was and the realm wars, relic fights(when they were fun) etc. Sadly WoW got nothing "interesting"... It's all the same over and over again.

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    I'd like to know the font that mage uses, It's awesome.

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    Regarding the prizes for the WoW movie. " World of Warcraft Movie Winners
    • First Place Winner: $2,000.00, one "Oswald" statue and one ticket to BlizzCon 2011.
    • Second Place Winner: $1,250.00, and one ticket to BlizzCon 2011.
    • Third Place Winner: $750.00, and to BlizzCon 2011.
    Notice it's all one ticket to Blizzcon. I guess they consider machimina makers to live in their basement and half no life.

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    i shivered when p4 started, just epic fight :3

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    I loved P4, very cool fight.

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    world third 25man kill of Heroic Ragnaros - Envy of Auchindoun (EU)

    gratz to them
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bashship View Post
    We just got a world third 25man kill of Heroic Ragnaros - Envy of Auchindoun (EU)
    Congratz on that

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    Am i the only one fastforwarding to the end, just to hear the shout and happines in the peoples voices? I just love it when they yell out!Gratz on kill!

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    pfft as if you care..
    pfft id like an addon that shows if people that roll need on offspec actually use them for offspec

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    they should try to get more povs in. Like a healer and a tank

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