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    [Anime] Ever wish you could forget and know you have to watch.

    Ever wish you could forget an anime you watch that was epic and know you have to watch it so you can get back the original feeling from watching it the first time

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    Yes, also with video games

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    I always wish i could forget an anime i watch which was epic if i knew that i have to watch it so i can get the original feeling from watching it the first time. would be sweet.

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    Funny that you ask, I actually had that feeling for the first time about 2 hours ago.

    (Kind of spoilerish if you just started watching Naruto)

    I was reminded of the time they were on that bridge fighting that mist guy at the start of Naruto.
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    I really wish I could unsee Naruto, and then see it again :<

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    Nope. My favorite series are usually ones that took me some time to think over and I wouldn't want to lose that. There were great moments that were enjoyable to see the first time, but usually given time a series sinks in and I get more out of it.

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    The feeling watching Clannad/ Clannad After Story was awesome, same with Puella Magi Madoka Magica, that last month or so waiting for the last 2 episodes was a PAIN, but it was amazing to have that good old Madoka feeling when they came out. <3

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