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    Highland guppy spawn rate issue?

    I was farming highland guppy schools this morning for guild feasts (Oceanic time on an Oceanic server), the first half hour I got chain spawns then all of a sudden nothing, half an hour later stilll nothing.
    I considered that my tracking bugged but no it was fine, I did not see a single other person fishing or doing anything else along the river.
    After 30mins of patrolling trying to figure out what was going on a school spawned and I farmed for another 5 mins, then they all stopped spawning again for another 30mins.

    Im curious if this is just my bad luck of if its a problem anyone else has noticed.

    Edit: IM currently in another 30 or so minute period of no spawns
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    Are you checking all the possible places? There's 2 lakes up by the red dragonflight place, as well as just north of Thundermar. Usually has 4-5 spawns when I can't find any in the long stretch.

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    There's a theory that they share spawn timers with the open water pools (can't remember their names). Try clearing some of them.

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    They don't share timers with other spawns. There are three lakes that will gather pools, two by the Vermillion Redoubt and another at Hirthaven. When there are no pools in the river and Bastion lake, there are usually 4-5 on those smaller, out-of-the-way lakes.

    Until you fish out those spawns, you won't get any on the river or Bastion lake.

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