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    [Other] Campfire Stories (Halo Reach Machinima Series)

    Alright guys well earlier today Meanscreen Production released episode 1 of Campfire Stories:

    Check out Episode 1 by typing in Campfire Stories Episode 1 Unknown on youtube!

    Episode 1 takes place about a simple crashed UFO story with a twist of course! Casey has been captured and its up to Parker and Evan to rescue his friend, kill the aliens, and blow the ship back to where it came from!
    Also check out our Campfire Stories Special celebrating Halo 10 anniversary!
    Check out the trailer by typing in The Forgotten Trailer at youtube

    Feedback and comments would be appreciated.

    -Meanscreen Productions

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    Sorry cant post links yet guys.....

    Does anyone know how many post it takes before you can?
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