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    Quote Originally Posted by Torethyr View Post
    Just finished "The Way of Kings" by Brandon Sanderson.

    Holy shitballs.

    This is going to be the next major fantasy series, hands down. It is shockingly good. Starts slow, but picks up like crazy after the first handful of chapters. Can't wait until the second book comes out.
    Heh, I'm planning to reread that when I'm done with my thread answer :P It really is awesometastic!

    OT: Currently reading Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch, the second book in the Gentleman Bastard Sequence. A con artist in a fantasy world <3 If anyone want great dialogue, crapsack society and derring-do, pick up the first book in the series, Life and Lies of Locke Lamora. Thou shalt not regret.

    Edit: Note to self: read through thread before answering. Nice choice of book, Aero-! =P
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    State of Quebec 2012. I love it.

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    Wrapping up noir with Chandler, next going to read some Carl Sagan stuff. I'm not sure whether or not he tries to be funny (in a smartass kind of way), but he is.

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    Some truly bizarre trilogy set around the Mayan 2012 prophecy by Steve Alten. On just started book 2, but I think I might not finish it.

    A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

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    The Dark Half by Stephen King. Very slow going for me. I'm enjoying it, but I also have to convince myself that I'm enjoying it. If that makes sense. lol

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    Currently re-reading The banned and the bannished series by James Clemens for the millionth time since I got them almost 8 years ago Nothing like a comfort read^

    Awesome series of 5 books, if you love fantasy then these are a great read!

    Will be starting Tides of War by Christie Golden soon enough too.

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    Don't know if anyone has said this, but 'The Winds of War' by Herman Wouk. I love the WW2 time period and all the events that led to the rise in Nazi power in Germany. He does a great job of weaving history into fiction - I don't think you can get any closer to being non-fiction without being non-fiction. One of the BEST books I've ever read.

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    Micro by Michael Crichton
    The less you know, the more you believe.

    Science has promised us nothing and given us everything, faith has promised us everything and given us nothing.

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    Been super stressed lately and just couldn't read with so much stuff weighing my mind down. Just picked up Tides of War the other day and about halfway through it already. Christie Golden really is an awesome author and she needs to be their writer until she can't write anymore.

    After this I'm not too sure what I'm going to read next though. I'm halfway through World War Z so I'll finish that up after but can you guys recommend some good zombie books to read. I'll probably start a thread asking for some suggestions too, just been in a zombie book mood but not too sure what's out there.

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    I am reading One liter of tears. It was originally published in japan, and I purchased the English translated version (it's expensive on Amazon (in USD) and you cannot buy it at normal bookstores from all the places I've looked at least, not sure why, I doubt your local library wil have it too, don't even bother looking for it on the kindle, or itunes)
    summary: This book One liter of tears, is the publishing of a real girls diary, she lived from 1962 until her death at age 25 in 1988, this diary was published in 1986 shortly before her passing, at age 15 she was diagnosed with a devasting neurodegenerative disease of the cerebellum called spinocerebellar degeneration disease, a disease which causes nerves in the cerebellum to become weak and eventually die, as a result a victim slowly looses their ability to do major motor and fine motor functions, and in general loose the ability to control their movemen, talk, or eat., and are eventually bedridden/in a way paralyzed.. the disease changed her life drastically because before she was a very healthy girl with normal dreams like love and such, but the future she dreamt about slowly and slowly drifts further from her as she detoriates more and more. the diary was first started before it was even diagnosed, however as the disease progresses she starts writing more about the changes to her body, also, keep in mind she lived in the 70's with this disease, a time when there was less understanding of the disabled, it not only changed her life physically, but also impacted her socially and emotionally, because this disease doesn't even the mental thinking at all she was fully aware of her body''s changes and the stares of people around her, this diary also served as a safe haven to get things off her chest and to write out whats in her heart and her dreams, because the disease makes you loose the ability to move or speak she is deprived of the right to express herself and her wishes freely like a healthy person could, so it's easier to write it out in her diary. She even claimed that "this writing is prove I was alive". they only published the diary up to age 20 though, after age 20 aya still tried her hardest to write but it eventualy got so illegable that even her mother couldn't transcibe her daughters words.

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    Oddly enough, I couldn't make it past the Fellowship of the Rings prologue.

    Now reading The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.

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    The Poker Face of Wall Street by Aaron Brown. Reading these books on stocks is extremely boring Only have about 65 more to go!

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    Currently about 100 pages into A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin. After watching the first season of Game of Thrones back in April I decided to pick up the books and have been slowly knocking them out one by one. The whole series is definitely worth the read in my opinion.

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    I just finished the new warcraft book(tides of war).

    *mother of god.jpg*, it was one of the best books I've read. It pulls you into Jaina's world and makes you care about her and the people around her; you feel just as much pain as her when Garrosh bombs Theramore.

    It reminded me why I love the warcraft universe.

    ...I liked Rhonin =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by usiris View Post
    it was one of the best books I've read.
    I feel bad for you.
    Väsymys - Stormreaver EU

    ~ Aero| @ Quakenet

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    Halfway on Clash of Kings... hope to finish it soon, so i can watch the second season of Game of Thrones lol

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    I am currently reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. Really good book so far. But no way near Stephen King like some people are saying

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    "The complete Sherlock Holmes" so many free books (aka "old enough to be public domain" and not "illegally obtained") for the Kindle. Lovecraft and E.A. Poe are next.

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    'In Youth Is Pleasure' by Denton Welch. It's a coming of age novel.

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    Reading The Return of The King, about half way through atm. After that I'll prolly either read: A song of Ice and Fire, or the Hunger Games series.... Thinking about reading The Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost, but not too sure about those yet.

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