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    Priest - overlooked again?

    Sometimes I feel that Blizzard don't really look into Priests and just slap on a couple of changes without really looking into it. Of course this is absurd and I'm more than likely wrong. T13 was released today and unlike the majority of the other classes, there wasn't really an explanation to why certain decisions were made about how it looks. Don't get me wrong, I do really like the set. But I'm really interested in why it looks like it does. It's 9am and I really cba to make my own interpretation. I just feel overlooked again idk. I need coffee. And, a bagel.

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    It wasn't an official tier preview like the earlier ones. It's data mined gear from the PTRs.

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    Atually like it, for me it's like a sectish feeling, think KKK but not realy that way :P

    It's something a priest controling people in a minor wierd community would have imo.

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    You realize that the Hunter and Priest sets were datamined, right?

    They aren't the official previews...they were pulled from the game files and compiled by the guys here at MMO-C. Chill out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eErike View Post
    Atually like it, for me it's like a sectish feeling, think KKK but not realy that way :P
    I thought the same thing when I saw it!! "Blizz wants me to be racist now? wut?"

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    Just get a horse with a sheet over it and get on with it

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    Thread name changed, because really we don't need to be talking like that here. That's kind of offensive. Second, Blizzard hasn't actually released Hunter, Priest, or Death Knight.

    We stole Priest and Hunter off of the PTR. Death Knights weren't even up there yet either, short end of that stick. We'll get our answer soon, just be patient.

    Quite frankly, I'm much happier that we got first pass at Class changes over a big rant showcasing all our old gear sets and why they felt this signifies "Dying Light".
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