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    For those asking why you would want to break 4pc for other Firelands gear, the option of taking 391 gear that would break 4pc is the main reason I was interested. Also at a point more spirit becomes unnecessary and you might want the extra throughput from more haste/crit/mastery.

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    You're spending most of the tier doing encounters cutting as many healers as you can. Dropping spirit pieces doesn't really feel like an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasselina View Post
    Lol think if it'd work with echo of light then...

    Edit: that is if the procc chance would be 5% without ICD
    I got 4p last night and haven't had a chance to test it in a raid environment yet but it seems to only proc from 'helpful' spellcasts. Not renew/echo of light ticks etc.

    It worked with casting PW:Shield (unglyphed), Cure Disease and Dispel Magic.

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    For some reason Cauterizing Flame isn't attributed to me directly but rather as it's own entity:

    ~5,5% or so of my total healing on Chimaeron, no overhealing (obviously). It procced 5 times in a 4:52 minute fight, meaning it procced roughly every 58 seconds. With 5% chance (according to Wowhead) I'd say the assumed 45 sec ICD is probably correct.

    Feel free to look through the rest of my log for more fights with the 4pc bonus. Just remember to start with fights after Ragnaros, as I got my fourth piece there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Venara View Post
    For some reason Cauterizing Flame isn't attributed to me directly but rather as it's own entity:
    Ye it's being treated like totem or something. -.-

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    I actually just looked at my logs (and Cephius, and Gaffer's) and to answer the OP's question, in my opinion, 4pc is the way to go. I feel the cauterizing flame bonus outweighs the extra mastery/haste you could possible gather by choosing not to use 4pc. (Though, I prefer the set piece stats anyway with the exception of the legs.)

    However, aside from another link to another log, I do not have any hard numbers for you.

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    On our Ragnaros kill tonight, the 4P bonus did roughly 6% of my total healing. It's definitely worth getting.
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    From Logs I have gone through it looks to be a straight 500-1k Effective HPS. I see no reason to forgo obtaining 4pc as fast as possible. If you are going with a low spirit build there are plenty of spiritless off set items which you can obtain. Domo neck, Shanoxx boots/ring, Rag belt.

    I do have a question for someone that has been using this set bonus already as I will not have mine until tuesday. Is it still bugged to where the flame only spawns under your target regardless of who you are healing? Many healers, myself included, keep the boss targeted and heal using addons or mouseover macros. While on most bosses it would in fact be more useful if the flame spawned always under the boss, there are some I would rather it didn't.

    If anyone can confirm this to be the case or not I would appreciate it. Google searching hasn't turned up much. Would be nice to not have this heal wasted by spawning in the lava on Rag or something if I don't keep a tank or other player targeted.

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    I've just tested it as I too use mouseover macros and it does spawn on your mouseover target. Not your normal target.

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    So I looked up a bunch of random logs and it seems that Priests who do more tank healing (read: less AOE healing) have a higher rate for the 4pc. That might just be a coincidence, but that's what I found out of about 25ish logs I looked at (I had some time to kill ok!).

    As others have stated, even if the proc rate isn't super awesome... it's free healing AND tier is your only way to get spirit so there's really no reason to pass up 4pc. However, I will contradict myself a bit because healing is largely about personal preference and group makeup. I don't see how either of those would keep you from getting 4pc, but to each their own!

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    I should point out that for an atonement priest stacking haste (as you should be imo) the high spirit/mastery set pieces are underwhelming, and the bonus does nothing while casting atonement.

    That said, it is in a way even MORE useful for atonement - it won't be on ICD when you need it, since really you're only casting normal heals when a lot of damage is going out. I wish it was more than a 5% proc rate, but still its better than having no bonus at all. I currently run with either the shadow helm (haste/mastery) or chest (spi/haste) depending on the fight, as that itemization is generally better then the spi/mastery on the healing pieces.

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    take it, its really nice. does 4-6% of healing, and not just irrelevant hps boost, its an intelligent heal :-)

    or maybe not take it, then you might not be as dissapointed about the next upcoming setbonusses....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slutty View Post
    Well fuck me, what are my options then? I've heard Jaws has a bad ramp up time for priests as well.
    If you're in an encounter where you can take the GCD hit every now and then, go with Necromantic Focus. All it takes is DP to keep it on full uptime, and it'll increase throughput. Also, Moonwell Chalise is a very good trinket to have around.

    I bounce between those two, Pickled Egg, Fall of Mortality, and very occasionally use Eye or Quintessence (we still have not had a single JoD drop in what is now 11 Domo kills).

    As far as the OP's question is concerned, I can tell you that from personal experience the 4-pc is well worth it. I am the only priest in the guild who currently has it, and you see my Miniwells of Healieness pop up at least five times per encounter. The drawback is on occasion they also proc off of non-healing spells, such as Fortitude (which I've had happen on a few occasions) or even Levitate.
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    One useful thing for AA/A specs is it can proc off AA itself and inner focus. Makes it a bit more likely to proc. Mine did 7.8% of my overall healing tonight and I lean towards heavy atonement use.

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    I've heard Jaws has a bad ramp up time for priests as well.

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