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    Quote Originally Posted by Loucy View Post
    Zepho!! where are you?
    and also, sapper, we're doing it again on some new alts in a couple of weeks!
    Edit: contact me ingame if you want to join!
    OMG that is awesome news! I will contact you on an alt sometime today or as soon as I can...

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    It's a shame this won't still be going on in December*. I tried to organise a herald run during wrath on Nordrassil-EU, but 3 of the members I'd geared up in Uld 10hm/25 normal realm transferred and I never ended up getting the title.
    I had bis in every slot except trinkets for herald, couldn't bring myself to disenchant it. That said, seems my sentimentality wasn't such a bad thing as I really liked 25 man mage t8 and transmog will be in by the time I get back onto WoW.

    *Replacing my computer, can't raid with this machine.
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    Think im going to do this achivement when im restarting with wow. really awesome title.

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    Fucking necro'd thread
    Quote Originally Posted by Goldjman View Post
    Warriors viable in multiple comps? lolno. Any high rated warrior falls under the following;
    1) wintraded.
    2) very high mmr at the start of the season, so they fought their way to glad at 5 am vs 2k teams.
    3) has their connections from previous seasons carry their class.
    Also, we most certainly weren't the most op in S9. Dk's were a better warrior in every aspect. Thanks for trying though.

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