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    Combine Blacksmithing with which Character?

    So I have an 85 Ret/Prot Paladin (Human) and a currently 80 Prot/Arms Warrior (Worgen). The Paladin has JC/Mining (525/525) professions and the Warrior has Engineering/Mining (497/525) professions, but I want to train Blacksmithing up on one of them. Which one would you suggest?

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    I would recommend you do it on the one you intend raiding with. The extra socket bonuses are a nice perk - and it goes well with JC for raiding perks. There's no real advantage to having it on a specific class though as the gems are flexible, it's a good bonus for all classes. If you're an avid farmer, you may want to keep the paladin's crusader aura bonus for mining as well as the convenience of not having to mail the ore to your JC char to prospect it. But otherwise, I'd use it on the one that you intend to actually get the most use of the extra gem sockets from... if you raid on both, I'd go with dropping mining on the warrior and keep farming on the paladin.

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    I'd also recommend it on whichever you intend to do more serious gameplay with, as it's quite a flexible profession for self-buffs. I might add, however, if you tank more on one of the characters than the other, Mining is still a somewhat useful tank profession for the Stamina bonus, whereas it's fairly worthless for DPS.

    My Prot Warrior is JC/BS, but he has also been my main for years, so that's where I feel most comfortable having both of those flexible professions.

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    Which toon do u want to raid or pvp with?
    If the pally is ur main toon , u'd better combine Blacksmithing with ur pally ,imo.

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    what do you find important?
    - some answered from the buff part that an profession can give.
    - other factors could be: do you intend to make money with it or not. For example i would put bs on a tank char. So if i need chaos orbs fast i can more easily get stuff. But then ... both of your chars are tank

    (edit: and i typed this but as tank char this is not relevant, left it for others)
    - are you a multiboxer or not? If not and i was dps i would keep mining to keep myself busy while waiting for the (dungeon finder or pvp finder) queue. I'm a multiboxer so i simply mine on a different char i dont play often (dk) while waiting in the queue with a different char.
    For me the speed of flying with a char was also relevant ...

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    after reading your post again: if you play both equally it doesn't matter much. if you like both chars i would combine it with engineering and play mostly on this char to farm chaos orbs. or if you play both 50/50 you could spread the chaos orbs over 2 chars if you combine it with jc ... as on that char you cant need 'm now.
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