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    What bosses will be in the Deathwing raid?

    What bosses do you think will be in the Deathwing raid? Aside from Deathwing himself ofcourse, unknown dragons? Will he be alone?

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    Onyxia and Nefarian.
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Blue Tracker)
    Right. If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peeb View Post
    Onyxia and Nefarian.
    ^^ lol yeah they where merely a set back

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    It's hard to say, I can't think of any major lore figures that would fit, except perhaps an evil flaming calen. The lore we see in the run up to the release will probably give a bigger hint, and blizzard is never afraid to just make up new lore figures and throw them in. There's no sindragosa of this xpac that we can say will be there for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madrigosa View Post
    ^^ lol yeah they where merely a set back
    But there wasn't enough of them to bring them back individually, so Deathwing's had them fused together to become Onyxiferian.
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    Chromatus, that dragon thing in the new Thrall book. They need a 5-man to explain how he got there first though.

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    Probably some of his family members like Sabellian or Sinthara? servants? Maybe a cameo from the Twilight Prophet? I would say C'thun but i hope they make that a sepearate raid unless 4.3 being the last raid then C'thun for sure

    Quote Originally Posted by Madrigosa View Post
    ^^ lol yeah they where merely a set back
    This whole "set back" joke is starting to get really lame -.-

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    Thrall, you heard it here first.

    Of course he's the secret boss after Deathwing and can't be killed.

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    Sinestra (BoT was merely a setback) with Chogall on her side ressurecting C'thun (AQ was merely a setback) ....
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    A large drakonoid.

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    Deathwing, at a guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfootbigd View Post
    I would say C'thun but i hope they make that a sepearate raid unless 4.3 being the last raid then C'thun for sure
    Not sure if serious....

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    Illidan and Kiljaeden, tag battle.

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    My answer is going to be always


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    Chromatus, The Twilight Father......kael'thus?
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    How many and what bosses?

    Leg 1, Leg 2, Hind Legs is a duo boss fight, Wings, Tail, Head and last Heroic mode only boss is his Chin. Totally optional and only for those hardcore enough. It's jaw dropping!

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    Mr. Smite.

    How did he come back and make it into an endgame raid after being removed from Deadmines?




    He improvised.

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    N'Zoth, Ressurected Lothar(controled by N'Zoth), Corrupted Nozdormu, Neltharaku(son of the Deathwing), Barthamus, Sabellian and of course Kael'Thas.

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    ayy lmao
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