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    leave a high pop server for a low to make gold?

    thinking about server transfering from a high to a low to make gold, I have max mining/herb/inscrip/alchemy and cant make a dime unles i try to farm but there are to many botters. So either my server has to much comp and wondering if people have better luck on a low pop server. I almost fell like this game hates new players cause the vets have there foot in the door for the past 6 years lol.

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    Low population means slower progression and fewer people to buy trade goods,gems and enchants.

    If you have some gold use the bots cheap ore/herbs to make gold.

    But im sure there is some advantages of having less competition..

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    I recently switched servers from a low/mid pop to a high pop. I make decent money with far less effort on Boulderfist than i ever did on my old server. What you have to consider is that while on low pop servers there are vastly less raiders. Not just fewer raiding guilds but raid content typically isn't pugable (or at least as pugable) on low pop servers. Seeing as nearly all of the professions rely on raiders for demand, there are dramatically less people buying, and prices for everything are much lower. To the extent 1 or 2 extremely aggressive goblins can more or less dominate an entire servers economy. As it was on my old server.
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    No, u'd better don't do that. Low pop server means fewer players will buy ur gems and enchants. Although there is less competition , but ur goods which is put in AH will take a long time to sell out . So imo leave a high pop server for a low to make gold isn't worth the candle.

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    I'm on a low population server and I have to be honest, the prices are not higher than a high population server, and items do not sell particularly quickly - especially high end items. Trying to sell craftables, boes, embers, things like that, is very difficult and I see them go much cheaper than high population servers where there might be a lot of supply, but also, a lot of demand. For example, there are only around 3 of us that ever sell glyphs, but almost no one is buying, so none of us end up making a lot of money. I see the same names selling ores and herbs, but the prices are very low - because they're desperately trying to sell lower than each other to get someone to buy.

    On the other hand, prices of things like fish are ridiculously high, because no one in raiding guilds like farming fish and we seem to have zero fishing bots, so to make a stack of fish feast for a raid costs around 1000g!

    If you're raiding, be very careful about switching to a low population server without having a raiding guild already lined up. On my server, it's still hard to find a pug that can complete T11 normals, certainly I've never seen one in Firelands (other than trash runs). Check out the raiding progress on wow progress, because more raiders = a lot more buyers for your gems, glyphs, flasks, fish & crafts, etc. Some low population server may have more "hardcore" guilds than others so it's not just the population, it's who those people are.

    The best thing you can do I suppose is have a search around, try and get the prices of some servers - perhaps create a level 1 on that server and monitor the AH for a week or two, frequently checking, try and get an idea of who the big sellers are and what's selling high on that server. Don't just switch to a low population and hope the prices are good because you may end up having wasted money and switch back.

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    I personally switched to a high population server from a low one and I'm making a lot more gold now than on the low population server. There was simply no one buying anything.
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    Low population = low demand.
    AH is all about supply and demand.
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    If you fail at making gold on a high pop, you will fail harder on a low pop. Making gold isn't that hard, even if you only spend 15-30 mins a day on attempting to make gold (including time of boh AH and gathering stuff)

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    I have to agree with the rest here. Don't do it. I'd always heard that prices were higher on high pop realms and I had a guildie just a couple of weeks ago transfer from a low pop to our high pop and she was flabbergasted at the AH prices.

    Your best bet is to maybe do some server research and check out some other high pop realms and study their AH prices via http://theunderminejournal.com/

    You might need a different server, but you don't need a smaller one.

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    the server i am on is 75% alliance horde AH prices are silly the BOE VP wrists on horde 15-20k each! on alliance 6-8k max. What i do is buy from alliance AH put on horde AH clame the profits and ya spend it.

    server is average population just one side vastly better as in 45/50 guild on the top 50 progress list are alliance the other 5 are horde and even they are sub 20 on the progress list lol.

    So just join a server line mine and profit big time.

    Another way to get gold is buy it. Buy it from blizzard buy a mount loot card Redeem item and sell the mount ingame for crap loads of gold.

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    Make an alt on that realm, check AH, buy everything on your realm, transfer to the realm where the prices are high, sell it and your done, on low servers its easy to bot, since there are only 1-2 ppl that will fly by you (they don't even notice it) in 4-6 hours

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLstudioApprentice View Post
    Make an alt on that realm, check AH, buy everything on your realm, transfer to the realm where the prices are high, sell it and your done, on low servers its easy to bot, since there are only 1-2 ppl that will fly by you (they don't even notice it) in 4-6 hours
    Condoning botting? /gasp

    I know there are some people that realm-jump to rake up the gold, but I can't imagine it's the sort of thing most players would really do. Low pop servers are hit and miss, but if you can corner a market you could potentially make a lot of gold. Item turnover is generally very low (so it takes longer to sell stuff). Sometimes being able to consistently sell items on the AH even at a lesser profit is more ideal (at least for me) since I don't always have a lot of time to play.
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    If only I could get a 2nd account for free, cba paying for 2. You would roll inn gold if you bought on hord side, to sell on alliance side on my realm Ally side is low populated here, but still ok demand.

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    At the start of Cataclysm I moved to a low population server a friend was one to play with him. Plus he swore that low pop servers are so much better. I absolutely regret the change. We are in the bottom 10 realms for progression because of the low population. Finding good, reliable, raiders for the raid team is almost impossible.(Currently we are one of about 10 servers that don't have a single guild doing heroics) Making money is slow and tedious. (I still do ok, but I am severely limited by the lack of demand). Any rare items, BoE drops, that sort of thing are ridiculously priced. (For example BoEs selling for 10K on my old server sell for 40K on this server). The only reason we are staying on the server is because we have a lvl 25 guild. As soon as Blizz implements guild xfer we are outa there to a server with at LEAST 10,000 people.

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    Kinda sad themortalgod. But as I said many years ago blizzard should fix the population on dead servers/fix ratio problems. Going little off-topic here, but few people inn my guild and myself all got good results on AH play, supply is just very dry on our server.. Talking 60-80g stack of ores etc. We also cant get to raid 25 mans.. even trough we all want that inn the guild as far as I know. And now I was benched for better set-up mainly due to slack signs to get better setup for HC shannox -,-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reiga View Post
    I personally switched to a high population server from a low one and I'm making a lot more gold now than on the low population server. There was simply no one buying anything.
    Agreed, having played on one of the lower populated US servers(Guldan) from Vanilla through part of BC that was one of the main problems with the server when making money, prices either fluctuated a lot or no one was buying anything. Switched to Illidan-US and never had problems with money.

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    move to a server to sell your stuff for more, what will you do with your gold then? buy stuff? well guess what, your gonna need to spend more too...
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    I've done this before, OP.

    FIRST, check the server, see how many people have your proffession, and how far the guilds are progressed (if they aren't too far progressed then they are less likely to have a guildy for a certain job [ie, like making flasks].

    Then, if you can sell things, it will happen slowly but surely. I made thousands of gold just transmuting and selling a few cut epic gems a day on this one server back in TBC.
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    start fishing - thats were the big bucks are , alot of herbs and miners, but not so many max leveled fishers, and even less so farming the fish for buff food

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