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    I think I speak for everyone when I say: "Uh oh."

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    They just opened the floodgate, I GUARANTEE you this will make its way over to WoW.
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    When did aug 1st became apr 1st?

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    Diablo isn't a $15 a month game. Quit WoW, Play Diablo and spend your 15 bucks a week on loot is their perspective. Who cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murava View Post
    wtf blizz. Thats probably the worst decision ever.
    How so?

    I get the feeling you're saying this just because you love complaining about Blizzards decisions.

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    Suddenly, I'm not as excited for D3 as I was 5 minutes ago. No, seriously, what?

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    Micro-transactions with a twist. You wanna be better off than that other dude? Pay him real life money. Oh and pay us some too. Oh no, that's not covered by your subscription fee. Om nom nom nom money money money.
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    so wait now i can make money off the 15 hours a day i spend farming bullshit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murava View Post
    wtf blizz. Thats probably the worst decision ever.
    That's what everyone says every time Blizzard does something, they still have some of the most successful games in history.

    Will be interested to see how this plays out. You know a lot of people will be playing the auction house to make a good income. Would make the auction house much more balanced then the one on WoW because people would be putting real money at stake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sno View Post
    Sounds interesting!
    Ye it does, makes me worry about the effects on the in-game economy....

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    I am not really ok with this and honestly a lot of my excitement for the game died with this announcement. Might still get it but I am not so sure now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akts View Post
    When did aug 1st became apr 1st?
    Hahaha, I can't agree more :P

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    You haven't even read the whole post before the "wtf blah blah", did you?

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    From what I've seen there will be some people that use this and get a ton of cash... Econ major ftw?Anyway this actually sounds retarded.. unless they are trolling... I seriously think they are trolling...If not implement this on wow, apparently my account is worth 2k I would like to sell it and quit plz thanks

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    Wow... reminds me of Eve Online not too long ago...

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    This is the kind of thing I would expect as an april fools joke, Buying items for money is pole vaulting over the thin line of using money in game, I'm very disappointed with blizzard for this decision.

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    All the questions avoid the obvious one... Will spending more give you an advantage over other people? This will break the game.

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    Love how people think this is a way to make money you can walk away with. As it stands, you have to pay to have it moved to your Visa/MC/Paypal/whatever-else-supported, plus you have to ensure you request that proceeds go to your third-party account of choice, and not to your account. AND you have to pay into it (posting and selling fees). Once on the account, you CAN'T take them off.

    As for the "pro" players... Hardcore characters can't use it, and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a separate Ladder-only one (or Ladder may be excluded too during the season) for that. Besides, it's not like there hasn't been third-party Diablo 2 "auction" sites that sell items for real-world money. This is just a safer means and more reliable, and hell, it means ANYONE can make a buck off of it. You could fund your WoW subscription off of D3 AH work :P

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    To everyone complaining about the auction house, you need to understand that people would be selling items over eBay anyway, just like they did with Diablo II. This way, it can be moderated for fairness.

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    Lets not hope this gets implemented in WoW.

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