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    Sigh heres my 2 cents....

    Honestly, im seriously concerned about the overall lack of maturity in this thread, and VERY worried about the lack of adult behavior coming from college kids overall now adays.

    1. Campus police are just doing their jobs. If you weren't breaking the rules (which are there for a reason) you wouldn't have anything to worry about. Why some on this thread expect to be able to do whatever they want with no consquences for there action is not what I would expect from grown adults in a academic enviroment. Most calls to the campus police come from noise complaints, and disorderly conduct. Not everyone wants to hear your music, or listen to your firends get drunk and vomit.

    2. Your shooting nerf guns around your dorms, not exactly murder, but still in violation of the established rules. firearms of any sort are typically frowned upon on school campuses (zero tolerance) I don't exactly agree with the way the rule was enforced in this instance, but honestly what did you expect the campus security to do?

    I'm sure im generalizing here (please forgive me) but it seems that everytime I see college kids around town (Manhattan KS) they are acting like a bunch of 16 year olds whose parents have gone on vacation for a month. Where is the mature behavior that is expected from adults enrolled in a academic institution? Is this everywhere or am I just seeing them at there worst?

    I've been in the Army for the last 8 years, and i look forward to getting out and going back to school. I pray I will have the paitence to deal with some of the childish behavior that I see going on daily.

    The best of luck getting your GED!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullarkie View Post
    The best of luck getting your GED!
    AWWW did I hit a nerve?

    I guess I will take heart in the fact that your tax money is paying for the beer im drinking right now, and paying my rent. LOL, let me know how that liberal arts degree works out for you in your job hunt.

    BTW when I get out of the army in 2 years your taxes will pay for me to go to school, and give me about 1500$ a month tax free to spend however I want. On top of other scholarships and grants I get from private groups for my military service.

    Have fun with your student loan payments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralamus View Post
    nobody respects cops except 80 year old senior citizens who like to complain to them when someone is setting off fireworks on the 4th of july.
    and 99% of cops don't deserve an ounce of respect. they're a complete joke, nothing but meter-maids and losers trying to make themselves feel better after whatever long, sad life they've lived.
    Clearly you believe the country would be better off without any police officers, then? I am always amused by idiots like you - you'd last all of a day if all these "worthless cops" disappeared.

    I wish there was a way for you to opt out of police protection and make it so your house was considered out of anyones jurisdiction and make it legal for anyone to come onto your property and shoot you in your idiotic face.

    Cops are always worthless until you need them. Lucky for you, you generally won't, as they (and the justice/prison system/punishment in general) are a great deterrent to crime generally.

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    Well considering no one was being disturbed by it, I hardly see the point in any of your argument. Go back to Iraq or whatever country the US is fighting nowadays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xile View Post
    college in no way is equal to kindergarten.
    Based on how some act I could see where they mix them up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khazard View Post
    Well considering no one was being disturbed by it, I hardly see the point in any of your argument. Go back to Iraq or whatever country the US is fighting nowadays.
    Well obviously someone was being disturbed by it, or the campus police would not have been called.

    Done the Iraq thing three times, long hours, but good fun.

    Either way if your American your paying my salary, thanks

    If not, your welcome for allowing your country to live under the protection of Pax Americana
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khazard View Post
    So I just started college a week ago. Me and my roommates all bought nerf guns to have a war with the upper floor and stuff. The RA's were in on it to and it was all pretty fun. Then the campus police came. They took our guns, wrote our names down and now tomorrow we have to go to the Judicial Affairs building and explain why we brought nerf guns to campus. The best part about the whole situation is that it never said anywhere in the student code of conduct about "projectile weapons". Police really have nothing better to do nowadays.
    Dude we have a campus wide event called Zombies, where we are ENCOURAGED to bring nerf guns.....something smells fishy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khazard View Post
    All hail ameruica.
    you spelled it wrong

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    Doesn't surprise me, cops will do anything now because no one keeps them in check. This isn't at all anything like what happened to you but they are starting to close down children's lemonade stands now because the children do not have vendors permits rofl. You can also be jailed now for video taping a cop doing nothing, literally if he is sitting there he can claim you taped him and you will be jailed for X amount of time, yet they have traffic camera's, security camera's, and who knows what else constantly watching us...disgusting.

    Edit: I know campus security officials aren't really the cops I am speaking of, but they apply in the same general group.

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    Same thing happened to me but we were having a snowball fight our freshman year outside the dorms with our hall. We all got written up by campus police for using projectiles/weapons. We had some trouble with nerf guns as well but we kept them on the DL so never had anything major come up except RA telling us to hide them.

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    Didn't read the thread. Just want to laugh that you are equating J-Board to getting arrested.

    Infracted -- Thanks for the spam and pointless comment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wvx View Post
    Man , the US is full of paranoid people , when we were little 10-15 year we played with a lot of toys that looked A LOT like RL guns (they even had mini caps that made a small boom when you shot - you had to reload them) and there was no problem , but then again we never had retards shooting people on our school grounds .
    Hey now, get it rite, EVERYWHERE is full of paranoid people or did all those pre arrests for the royal wedding somehow escape you?

    What happened I bet is that you hit some asshat who tattled on you or where screaming and stomping around chasing eachother outside and were pissing someone off who could hear you, then you were an asshat to the security guy, who then was like, fuck you, I'm going to confiscate this shit you are running around campus pissing folks off with.

    @ zombiefest stuff: Those are approved functions, so i'm sure the rules, however stupid are suspended for those days/weeks and so on.
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    "If you want to control people, if you want to feed them a pack of lies and dominate them, keep them ignorant. For me, literacy means freedom." - LaVar Burton.

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    Maybe you should have been respectful of other people and quieted it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The EagleOwl Mage View Post
    Maybe you should have been respectful of other people and quieted it down.
    Maybe you should go back and read the entire thread before posting stuff like that.

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