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    Paragon - 'We didn't need to stack the raid on 10m for AoE it's too ez'

    Paragon's DPS on 10m = 1 Demo Lock, 1 Frost DK, 2 Boomkins.

    I must say ever since Paragon killed Rag Heroic I have strongly disliked them because they've felt the need to consistently insult 10 man raiding.
    How are Paragon bashing 10 man-raiding? They stated that the 10 man-encounters are generally too softly tuned and even moreso if you can handpick a good setup. If 10 man-guilds can't handpick an awesome setup, then it's theirs fault and not Paragon's.

    Also, I'm out of this thread. I respect that this thread is designed for people working on HC Ragnaros and should be kept this way. GL to everyone on Ragnaros.
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    Good intensions OP and could have been a good topic for the people 6/7 10HM.

    It's really amazing the people who get so upset people insult 10 mans go on to insult 25 mans. People who get so upset Paragon said 10s are easier then go on to insult Paragon. You are all OT, not just those insulting 10 mans, and you're all the reason we are closing this thread.

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