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    Fury VS Arms - Which is easier PvE wise?

    So I've been a Arms warrior from mid-wotlk to last weeks sunday, that's when I realised how high Fury DPS can go, however after being Arms for so long, I find it hard to actually get the grip of Fury.

    Aside from that, which one actually is easier PvE wise?
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    Now that rend is refreshed with talent, I think its Arms

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    Well, the fury "rotation" well more of a priority system is certainly easier than the arms one.

    It contains less abilities and is just simpler.

    I personally prefer the arms one because it is more fun to play, but if you really want to min/max then fury is the way to go.

    Edit: ok with rend auto refresh they are both pretty easy

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    Not going to lie, but fury is like a 4-5 button rotation. It's faceroll tbh

    CS BT HS over 75+ rage depending on gear slam procs, RB.

    boss dies

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    Spam Bloodthirst with CS on CD. When either Raging Blow or Slam light up, spam those. Repeat. Use enrage/rage cd's with your discretion.

    Arms isn't much harder but it's definitely harder.

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    "Easier" is always debatable but I think Arms is a bit more intuitive and forgiving.

    Rage income is less volatile.
    Screwing up the priority for a few seconds won't ruin your DPS
    AoE is easier to apply
    Less CDs to manage
    More forgiving threat build-up

    With Fury, while the rotation is stil quite simple, there are a lot of minor things you can do wrong that all add up towards the end.

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    I find Fury a lot easier and, thus, fun to play.

    Also he's doing a lot of damage with auto-attacks, so even if you're failing terribly - you'll still be doing god dps.

    Fury ftw.

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    With Arms, you will have a balanced rage generation and basically the unique difficulty is to react usefully to Sudden death procs, with Fury you will have to pay more attention on abilities usage cause of the RNG rage generation, but basically arms is MS _ _ MS _ _ MS and fury is BT _ BT _ BT, Fury is also more cooldowns dependant, your choice

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    It's probably even since 4.1, until you start stance dancing and using your cooldowns properly as Arms (inb4 someone says "use lolmacros to dance").
    Though Arms is certainly easier when it comes to threat and rage management.

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    For now both spec are quite easy to play , arms was hard to play in WotLK when you had more things to do but now is quite easy, presonaly I prefer Arms becous it have better AoE and you wont loss so much on boss when you have to be in front of them becous CS can reset and it more usefull on some encounters ( throwdown is cool for Ragnaros tranzision phease) But going back to main think of this Thread , Arms is harder to play then furry but furry do minimal better dps ( like with every class spec " more buttons less dps" , arcane mage the best 1 button spam others mag spec more buttons less dps )

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    Arms is more forgiving resource wise, less sensitive to gearing and requires a lot less discipline. I'd agree its the easier of the two since cata, Fury has become a lot more complex than the faceroll it used to be.

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    To be good at arms is much harder than fury. To truly master your procs and debuffs on the boss as arms is much harder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robo View Post
    To be good at arms is much harder than fury. To truly master your procs and debuffs on the boss as arms is much harder.
    Nah I don't think so, it was that way when there was the charge bug and you had to keep rend up by yourself, but not now.
    Just for example, f you screw up something during a CS in Arms, you have a largest room for recover from it than from Fury.

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    It's much more difficult to maximize Fury than Arms tbh.

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    I think Fury is harder to play. You don't usually have excess rage like you do in Arms.
    And you have to use abilities like Berserker Rage to enrage yourself if you feel like it's been too long since your last Raging Blow. It just feels like there is too much RNG in getting Bloodthirst and Raging Blow procs. If those two aren't proccing all you have left is Bloothirst on a 3 second cooldown, and don't even think about Heroic Strike if you care about your Rage.

    Arms always has a button to push and you can get pretty good DPS if you just push whichever button you feel like.

    I don't know which has a higher obtainable DPS for top end players, but they're fairly close I think. And for me personally I would get more DPS as Arms just because I'm more comfortable playing it.

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