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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahcake View Post
    Give us source or GTFO.
    He doesn't need to provide a source because he wasn't making a claim, he said "For all we know", which shows that it is just an idea.

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    I am surprised people are getting so passionate and angry about it so early on, with only a very vague name to go on. Hold the anger!

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    I like how all these people are saying that they are going to quit if Pandaren become playable... like you would actually quit over that

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    I'd be pretty disappointed too. It just sounds really goddamn retarded.

    Everything that has to do with the Pandaren that people are suggesting is pissing me off. Monks? Brewmasters? Seriously guys?
    It doesn't belong in the WoW universe, imo.
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    I told my friend I was going to McDonalds, but I actually went to Burger King. Kind of rude, but still.
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    Bring her some ribbon candy and worthers original. Old Bitches love ribbon candy and worthers original.

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    So many panda haters!

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    I dont see the problem with Pandaren, they haven't been in WoW before but we got loads and loads of 'animal humanoids'
    Tauren, Tuskarr, Worgen, Wolvar, Taunka, Murlocs, Gorlocs, Gnolls, Arrakoa, Furbolg, Kobolds, Magnataur, Makura, Quilboar, Tol'vir...

    why can't Pandaren be added to that list?, 2 of the animal races are playable already and all the others fit in WoW nicely, Pandaren will aswell.

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    I think the main problem is that people think "Pandaren" to be synonymous with "Panda". Just look at Worgen; people thought they would be cute, furry dogs without a shred of viciousness, and indeed the alpha Worgen certainly gave that impression. Look at them now; a vicious, powerful race with all the strength of a beast and all the mental capacity of a human; not disappointing at all to me. Now, when people think of Pandaren, they shouldn't be so fast to presume them as "cute, furry pandas without a shred of viciousness either"; eliminate all adorable and "Po" (Kung Fu Panda) imagery from your mind; I don't think Blizzard would be so stupid as to give any faction a teddy bear. Rather, I think of them as an ancient, reclusive race, with both an ancient, unknown culture, and an unknown land, and I for one would look forward to seeing how Blizzard handles them in creation and so on, as time goes on.

    tl;dr Don't knock it before you try it.
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    I see no point in compelling integration. If you can't make your society sufficiently enticing to integrate willingly, then perhaps its not so superior.
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    There's nothing wrong with Islam.

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    I cant wait to see if we get to visit Pandaria! I doubt they will be playable race though but even if they were,They made Tauren look decent and they made the Worgen more "Fierce" so Im sure they could make them less Cutsie :P
    As for some of the art work going around for Pandarians its pretty sweet :P especially the pic of Chen on wowwiki
    Doesnt look so cutsie there :P

    ^ Thanks to CrazyTaco93

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    I can't wait to see female pandaren! Gonna be SO CUTE EEEP.

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    I don't understand... You can be a holy cow, a life loving werewolf, or a zombie priest; but being a Panda warrior. Jesus christ thats to far, God-forbid it!
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    Fake and Gay
    They never said it was real and heterosexual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bacon Grease View Post
    Actually there are approximately 0 people unhappy about pandas.
    False. I think it's stupid. Fuck lolcats. Fuck My Little Ponies. Fuck giant fuzzy panda bears. I'm a grown man. Not an 8 year old little girl.

    Yes, pandaren are like man-bears. And tauren are man-cows.
    Minotaur date back to at least Greek and Roman mythology. Pandaren are a gimmick added as a sideshow to WC3 that the flamboyant base picked up on as "cute". Large difference.

    None of your points are valid or applicable.
    Check the mirror.

    I just got trolled?
    No. You just made yourself look like an asshat.
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    I'm bitter by default. Don't take it personally.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stir View Post
    Either give an argument, or be automatically wrong. Your choice.

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    When will you guys realise your playing a FANTASY game, if you can't take the thought of "fluffy teddy bears" in your game, then go, your money will be lost in all the new subscriptions that would come in with a new expansion. We don't even know what this is about. It could be that an evil (Azshara) has shrouded Pandaria in a mist and it is threatening the rest of the Southern Islands, and the goblins of Undermine and the Humans of Kul Tiras come and ask for support from their related factions to stop the spread and fight back the evil. Seriously guys, get a grip, your not in the real world, Blizzard can do whatever they want with their fantasy game, and you can't do anything about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahcake View Post
    Give us source or GTFO.
    Wow, so hostile. Chill, I was just pointing out that the assumption that we'll even see Pandaren in the game, much less play as them, is just assumption until we get more than a trademarked title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spk View Post
    Do you honestly think chinese architecture fits in a western fantasy game?

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    Personally, I'd love to see them as part of the expansion, but not as a playable race. Only if they have a badass look, kind of when the goblins had that large smile to that demeaning grimace, then it would be acceptable. Hoping this is what the expansion will play out as...

    Great Seas
    Cap to level 90.
    Third Faction (?)
    N'Zoth Reveal?
    More storyline to the Naga/Azshara?
    I ran out of ideas there, but this is what could be part of Mists of Pandaria

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    Why would you quit if they make a race playable? Just dont play on..pretty simple.

    And anyway, Pandarens have been in Warcraft lore since War3

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    I'm pretty sure blizzard knows what they are doing.. I just get a little worried because they named the entire expansion after them

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    Humans - Arrogant, prideful humanoids
    Dwarves - Short drunks who love bar fights
    Gnomes - Even shorter people who love science, maybe too much
    Night Elves - Elusive skinny elves who always complain about a big tree
    Draenei - Space Goats
    Worgens - See human, but add that they can turn into a furry monster
    Orcs - Green skin humanoids from the other side of a magic portal
    Trolls - Jamaican like skinny blue guys who love voodoo
    Tauren - Bull men / women whose culture resembles native american's
    Undead - Humanoids that rock around with flesh falling off and bones exposed
    Blood Elves - Magic craving fragile humanoids who dress like idiots
    Goblins - Crazy short green people who love explosives

    I think Panderans would fit right in to this ragtime cast of characters.

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    I for one am a bit unhappy about the pandas.
    If they do make it a playable race Blizz is going to have to create some reason for them join the fight.
    Blizz is also gonna have to make the entire expansion not seem like a cuddly wonderland full of giant fluffy pandas drinking booze.
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    Metzen: Magic rainbow ponies.
    Developer 2: Brilliant.
    Metzen: That's why they pay me the big bucks.

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