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    To be stronger, always more productive, to release anger, improve health and more.

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    To be pretty I guess. I tend to overdo things though.. or then neglect at other times.

    I hate sports to be honest, with a passion. It gives me no pleasure whatsoever, even though I'm pretty fit. I just force myself to get it over with, normally roughly 1 hour a day and then go do more pleasant things:P
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    To look great and not be a fat pig like so many other Americans around me. I used to be skinny growing up and in the Army, but when I got out and quit smoking I ballooned up to 230 over 8 years or so. Finally had that "fuck this fatty bullshit" moment and got myself in shape. I weighed 230 lbs in January. Today, I'm 171.8 and while I don't have a six pack yet I look great. Let me tell you: it's FUN looking good. I know staying in shape can be tricky though. I will be resolute in staying healthy.
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    1. To counteract my depression. Doesn't make me feel all "whoohoo!" like some people, but it keeps me from starting the day with "Why should I bother getting up?"
    2. For those moments of "Hey! It's working!" Like carrying groceries and realizing they aren't as heavy as they used to be.
    3. To watch stuff that I want to watch, hehe. I love all sorts of science and ancient history shows, but they are waaaaay down on the list for my husband. That hour on the treadmill is my time to geek out.
    4. To feel less tired. Sure, I feel sore and tired after my workouts, but I feel much less tired the rest of the time. When I wasn't working out, I always felt totally worn out.

    I try to avoid focusing on things like losing weight and looking hot since that's just going to take too long for me to see. I've tried to make those "bonus side-effects" to working out so I don't get impatient and frustrated and give up as I've done so many times before.

    Looking at the "little things" in my list makes it a lot easier to see immediate results. When I have those days of "I don't wanna!" it's a lot easier to psyche myself into it by telling myself "But today is the MacGyver Episode of Mythbusters" or "It's been ages since you went all Emo...let's not start that again" than it is by saying "In 6 months, you'll be able to buy new pants! Maybe."

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    Started losing some weight again to get back my beach-body after I realized that I'm only getting "not-so-fit" ladies come talk to me at clubs anymore. I try not to be shallow but when it comes to women I'm really picky when it comes to your usual "one-nighters" or so. Means I wont get laid before I'm slim enough to land some babes. I'm not a genuine fatty, I'm an "ex-athlete-manbear-with-a-slight-beerbelly".

    I still do sports as in American Football but being big in that game is just a plus ^^

    As for training in general... I just want to be stronger and faster than the other big guys on the field so that I can utterly "own" them, thats about it! And well... along with the not-getting-em-babes-anymore problem I guess having around 15kg excess weight aint really making me faster either.

    Sitting at 130kg atm, aiming for 110-115kg to be fit again!

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    for me personally, its to be able to do parkour and all those amazing moves.
    i mean just looking at them fly and do those unbelievable gymnastic moves is just... jaw dropping, cant really attempt / try them if i've got the weight on and my muscles + bones are weak.
    That's what motivates me

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