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    Tol'vir mount

    Sooo, how long did it take you to get your mount? I'm currently at 57 solves with pendant and ring but no mount

    me and my friend were farming it together, he got the doll on the 110th solve ( I got mine 115th )
    He got Zin'rokh on his 27th solve, YES. 27th.
    And he got the mount on his 54th Solve.
    I've never seen anyone luckier than that, want to see if there actually some people who are that lucky with rares.

    Edit: He got Zin'rokh and the mount within an hour of eachother. just FYI.
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    A guildie got it on his first or second tol'vir solve. I hate him for it. I don't even have the damn skeleton raptor and I have every arch achievement currently in game.
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    For Tol'vir solves, I got a crappy common, then I got the vial pattern, then the mount as my first three solves. I am still yet to have gotten ANY of the level 85 epic items though, so my luck was JUST with the Tol'vir.

    If the Tol'vir mount could fly, it would be the only thing I ever ride, its so badass! Here's hoping for some flying archaeology mounts in the future.

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    Got mine quite early actually

    Went - > Pendent of the Scarab swarm - > Tol'vir mount

    Was amazing

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    For me, it was my #2.
    Know lots who haven't gotten it after manyyyyyy solves.

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    well, got the doll first time, then the ring, and i only own tanks in this game.. nad currently working on that crawling hadn lol

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    I haven't gotten mine, and I've pretty much quit trying. Like most of you it seems, I've got the Scarab pendant and the ring, but that's it. I can't really complain because I did get the Vial drop from my second jar...but that's the extent of my luck. Farming Tol'vir turned me off to Arch, and I'm only 4 away from Professor...but I can't even be bothered to go do the other locations and get the other rares I'm missing. I bloody hate Arch. Yes, I'm well aware it was my choice to do it.
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    I believe the bug mount was Tol'vir solve #13 for me. Zin'Rokh is elusive as anything and doesn't wanna pop up. >_<

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    117th solve 3rd arti mount
    trolls around 80 and nothing but the new item after patch
    doll was pretty easy to get just because i didnt want to get it
    i started archy only cuz of supermegathebest mount in the game
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    21 Solves.
    Wasnt even goin for the mount, just 20 rares achievement pre-4.1. Got the mount as my 20th.

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    yawn it's all RNG. Don't let anyone who post here with their insanely low #s make you believe you have shitty luck. I didn't get mine until 264th solve with 200k sink into Tol keystones. Some gets it early, some gets it late.

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    2nd or 3rd solve for the mount but never saw the vial recipe in like 10 jars. I gave up farming the night elf trinket though. That thing never dropped.
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    Mine was 300 something if I recall, but I Got Zin'Rokh on my 5th solve before s9 even came out, so when it came out was a good boost to 2500 I must say, Specially with all the resets of points and MMR during the first few weeks.

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    226th tolvir.
    Zinrohk was 43.
    Nelf Trinket was 180~.

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    Which mount? I got the bug on like my 3rd where as I've gone through through 5 or 6 jars with no drake.

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    I got the mount as the 17th tolvir. I had gotten the pendant and the ring before that. The mount was actually my 20th rare giving me professor title. But in general I'm extremely lucky with archaeology. Got Zinhrok as my 35th troll rare and I'm now standing at 31/32 rares with only tol'vir staff missing but I've quit digging anyway.

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    im at around 70 solves, got 2 rares, (ring and pendant) Farming the REcipe currently at 11 Canopic jars. But i put archaeology on a low fire cuz i really cant be fcked to do it to much. I rather fish at this moment T_T
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    Can some seasoned archaeologists comment on the change in spawn rate say NE dig sites after finishing all the NE artifacts? This will effect my decision of going for this mount or not.

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    For a second I got excited because I thought this would be a thread in reference to actually being able to use a Tol'Vir as a mount to which I would've replied Hell to the yes.

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    Can some seasoned archaeologists comment on the change in spawn rate say NE dig sites after finishing all the NE artifacts? This will effect my decision of going for this mount or not.
    If you have all the rares for a race solved then the race will spawn less. I can confirm with all the NE stuff solved and the addition of the few Tol'vir site that went in recently the speed of my Tol'vir solves has gone up.

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