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    Baleroc HC 10M

    We're about to do this boss and i'm just looking for some clarification if anyone has some insight:

    1) I thought it was possible to avoid spreading torment when targeted with countdown but this doesn't seem to be the general consensus on video guides, do we need to just work around countdown targets?

    2) Can you have 4 DPS rotating on crystals (1 SPriest) or will the tormented debuff still be up?


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    I can't confirm if you can avoid the debuff from the countdown, from all accounts we always spread it.

    Regarding the 4 dps to the shards, we ran into issues with DK/Shaman, Spriest/War on the shards we would occasionally lose the Shaman or War. Though if your capable and they dont refresh the debuff on each other it is possible. We found it easiest to just have a third in the rotation after the first set.

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    1) We just adjust, we simply can't avoid it.
    2) Totally depends on your other dps. Some can only take 9, other can take 12/15/18 "easily" or with their shorter (<60s) cooldowns. Tormented lasts 40 seconds and we regulary have a 5 dps rotation with one backup and due to Countdown we just communicate a LOT. (see 1)

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    did they ever fix that bug with the trash giving you that increased haste and damage(i think) buff.cuz i was lookin thru some logs of heroic baleroc but then i remembered(the dates were earliest 7-25 and the latest was yesterday)that there was some bug with the trash giving you some increased haste and damage buff or somethin

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