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    HPS Issues

    Hello, my name's Fuementir and I'm a restoration shaman and recently, this week, I was accepted to a guild as a healer. It was great but I noticed one thing lacking when I went and raided 7/7 over two days. I wasn't bringing the numbers to the table. I'm always last on the chart and although it's not a bad thing to be last, I'm around 3 million lower than the next one. My HPS is half what it should be. I have been looking into why and I still can't figure it out.

    My character is Fuementir on the Mannoroth Server US.

    The guild I'm in is called Playground Bullies.

    Maybe it's the spells I'm using. Maybe I'm using them at the wrong time. I can't figure it out.

    I ask you to please help me figure out why.

    *Note: New user, can't post links , sorry :|*

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    ur other healers a druid or a Hpaladin? (in guessing 10man) cause if so theres a bit of ur problem also it could be gear spec who knows, cant tell since theres no armory or logs.

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    A WoL parse would really be helpful here.

    Try to keep 3 Riptide HoTs up at the same time, spam healing wave, GHW if necessary.

    IMO, HPS should not be considered to measure a healers skill. If you managed to keep the targets you were assigned to alive, you did a good job.

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    ere's a link to your character, though I can't help since I don't play a resto shammy

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    The two other healers was a pally and a priest, Holy for both. That was today, when we did Majordomo 10M and Rag 10M. Shannox to Baleroc was 25M and with another shaman healer, a priest healer and a druid healer. Sorry I can't provide parses. I'm a new user :\

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    Well if your numbers are lower, it's either:

    a) gear - do the other healers substantially outgear you? if so, don't worry
    b) playstyle - without parses hard to offer advice but our big HPS heals are HR and GHW. You're logged out in enh gear atm so I can't tell what your stats/gear are like, but if you're running a heavy mastery build your numbers will go up on fights with a stacked raid taking huge raid damage - Beth, Shannox end phase, Domo. Hard to compete otherwise.
    c) raid comp/healing assignments - if you're tank/off-tank healing on eg Shannox Rhyo your numbers are gonna be lower than the hpriest / druid healing your raid etc., if you're upstairs on Beth your numbers will probably be lower, and so on...

    as others have said, as long as you're doing your job (i.e. keeping your assigned targets alive) and your raid leaders aren't giving you shit, I wouldn't worry about it. Use SLT on CD during heavy dmg phases, keep RT on three targets (tanks + kiters/melee), maintain ES, always use GHW in place of HS, use glyphed CH if targets are stacked + on targets about to lose RT... try and get a WoL parse if you're really worried but you're 1/7HM so obviously you're doing _something_ right.
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