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    I'm at the moment reforging out of spirit I tend to have more mana then the other healers in my 10 man group though I think I am getting close to the minimum.

    1823 spirit unbuffed
    2493 combat regen with Tsunami stacks and about 3k raid buffed ish

    11% haste
    11% mastery
    22% crit

    I'm on tank healing but I tend to raid heal a lot yet mana is only an issue when learning a fight once everyone knows what they are doing mana isn't a problem. I plan to drop a bit more spirit get it down to about 2400 fully buffed.
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    1189 spirit
    5.89% haste
    20.80% crit
    21.23 mastery

    Rolling with Eye of Blazing Power and Jaws of Defeat.

    Mana really isn't an issue as long as I keep rapture proccing on CD or near CD, and keep 2 set up.
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    Thanks for all the replies! I find the variety in spirit among the crowd rather interesting, and I wish I added in my main post to ask if you are a tank healer or raid healer (which may result in a difference in how much spirit you run with). I personally am a raid healer (most of the time) and run with 2700 spirit. I've decided to change up my spec a little by taking 1 point out of Atonement (was 2/2 before), putting 1 more point into SoS (was 1/2 before), and taking my 2 points of Veiled Shadows and putting them into 2/3 Darkness. Not sure how much this will affect me, and I'm hoping to rely a little less on my bubbles for more mana efficiency.

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    10 man, two healing most of firelands with a resto druid.

    2100 spirit (950 spirit reforged to crit)

    Mastery 15.9
    Crit 18.5%
    Haste 10.7%

    Spirit 2100 - Mastery - Crit - Haste

    I could go lower in spirit, but that means reforging away spirit to haste and that's kind of contra productive. I find haste overrated. No need of extra haste if you "Maloriak hc" heal. Running an ortodox 32/9/0 Focused Will, Desperate prayer 2/3 Inner Sanctum. I see WS as a buff instead as a debuff on the tank who's currently taking damage to maximize raptures. Two healing only becomes a problem when DPS or Tanks takes avoidable damage. We found out when we used 3 healers we had too much leeway in errors, that resulted in one more healer which ultimately becamed less damage on the boss which in its own turn resulted in ramping up of boss DPS, thus..the innevitable death.

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    This is very annoying for a Holy Priest to read, tbh.

    They should make Holy Concentration Intellect based just cause of this ^

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    running with about 1800 + dmc trink and i never go oom, even reforged some spirit away.P
    Progress 7/7

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    371 ilvl, 4/7 progress, getting 5, maybe 6 tonight

    (unbuffed totals)
    2019 spirit (Got Tsunami and FoM though)
    11.37% haste (1456 rating)
    15.88% crit (807 rating)
    14.05 mastery (35%, 1085 rating)

    Have no mana issues in any fights so far.

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    2914 spirit in ilevel 381 average gear, with Shard of Woe + Heroic Jaws.

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    Holy Priest with 382 avg ilvl, and going with shard of woe+ hc Fiery quintessence. ~3300 spirit

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    2200 spirit, alch trinket and doll atm. 6/7 normal. I think I'm still over-regened for normal modes too.

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    AA specc 0/2 veiled shadows - 1/7 HM

    6540 int - 120k
    2144 spirit - 2479 IC regen
    1455 haste
    542 crit
    1314 mastery(enough to keep my PW S 30k buffed)
    9396 spell power(inner fire)
    T12 4p

    I run with a pally and resto shaman as my healing buddies, most fights(domo) I still feel like I can drop more spirit in favor of output I just can't get enough healing out in my own option.
    HM shannox I have to go holy and it blows without high spirit, Heroic Rhy which is our other one we are working on and mana isnt a problem on it either.

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    7/7 with 1514 spirit. Got 2pce and FoM. I for one think I could reforge out a little more spirit. I don't ever really have any mana issues...unless I'm smite healing and forget to reapply the 2pce buff. Majorodomo is kind of rough I have to actually use shadowfiend on that fight. All other fights though I'm usually fine as long as I keep 2pce buff up and use Arch and arcane torrent on cooldown.

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    not really touched firelands with this character so far - 364 ilvl / 2464 spirit - never went oom and using shadowfiend just for laughs or hymn for other people.
    also 9,47% haste so far - but dont have firelands or t12 yet because i was inactive so no haste gear on my gear almost at all.

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    Currently on Rag, and I've kind of tanked spirit (reforged out of almost entirely) and chose to gear towards no haste, as that does increase throughput, but at the cost of mana. Crit and mastery both increase throughput without any impact on mana. Currently running an AA/A build with a lil twist. I've recently got revered, and I purchased both trinkets with the Int proc and am currently using them, with the activation macro'd to my Archangel and Power Word:Shield, so I maximize my returns from Rapture and AA, as my mana pool goes up to like 150k.

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    I think many of you posting about being fine at under 2200 spirit are doing normal modes because that would be almost impossible without shard of woe and heroic jaws for most heroic fights

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