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    Yet another disc trinkets question

    Hey and sorry for yet another trinket question but i havent been able to find the answer anywhere so im asking you:
    What trinkets are best for disc atm, what should i aim for? And what trinkets should i use atm? I got to choose from:
    Moonwell chalice
    Darkmoon card: Tsunami
    Tyrandes favorite doll
    jar of ancient remedies
    fall of mortality
    fiery quintesence
    alcymist stone

    I cant link my char yet but its Damará on doomhammer eu if you wanna check me out

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    That thread might help. From what I've heard there's really no good 378 trinkets for disc priests, most people are running with Hs from the last tier. I think most agree on Shard of Woe and H Fall of Mortality as BiS for most setups, but feel free to experiment with 378s if you feel like it. Jaws of Defeat is pretty good from what I've heard, the problem is that for disc priests the ramp up time is a downer.

    From your choices listed I'd go with Tsunami and Quintessence if you feel comfortable with on-use trinkets. Chalice I'd only use for heavy aoe fights coupled with Power Infusion.

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    I'd personally go with DMC and Fall.

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    If you are geared and reforged into mastery, and blanket groups with PW:S ect... Moonwell chalice can be very nice, when there's a lot of incoming damage pop your moonwell and blanket the group, and you got a lot of extra healing there. Tsunami is great, its essentially more spirit 100% of the time. Tyrandes, I have never used, it seems like a decent trinket, but if you have access to all these trinkets dont even bother with this one. Looking at your current gear, the jar shouldn't be a trinket you should use, you dont need the spirit. Fall of mortality is also a great trinket. I'd say keep moonwell chalice/tsunami/the quintesence/and fall of mortality handy. The chalice in big aoe fights, i'd always use tsunami in all fights, and its your call between the fall of mortaility and the quintesence if you believe you need the passive mp5, then use fiery, and if not dont.

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    tried out moonwell at aoe fights last night, and i love it for that, and quintesence for *normal*fights and i must say i like it. So thanks for the help everyone

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    Not to post yet another thread about trinkets, would like to ask if you think it's OK to macro Quintessence to PW:S so that you basically use it on CD? I know it would bring more benefit if I time it in 'times of need' but often I find myself forgeting about my trinkets or just not getting myself convinced its the 'right' and 'appropriate' time to use it. In the end I finish the encounter, boss dead = I haven't used my trinkets.

    Having the same problem with Jaws. I don't seem to find the best moment to use it. Never find myself casting so many instant spells right after another to ramp up this one... So was actually thinking of macroing it with PW:S so that it get used after all >.> ...

    Any thoughts of how can I use those?

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    I think Quintessence is great for AA disc spec. You can activate it, Power Infusion and Archangel at the same time

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    Any thoughts of how can I use those?
    I don't have Jaws, so I can only help you with Quintessence.

    I'm A/AA, so I started by using it right before popping Archangel and/or Arcane Torrent. After that, try to couple it with your Power Infusion as well but it pretty much depends on the fight... use it as you would Pain Suppression or Barrier: Bethtilac final phase, Ryolyth final phase, Shannox final phase, Alysrazor recharge phase, Baleroc blades and Majordomo scorpion.

    And as an additional rule of thumb, I don't pop hymn of hope or shadowfiend without it.

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    Thanks that's a nice thought for the HoH and SF. About AA/A - I'm still one of those priests that don't use the spec :P.

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    I didn't use it until two weeks ago and now ...

    I suggest you to try it. You can remove points from Train of Thought and Strength of Soul talents and, in my case, the point I spent on Inner Sanctum. 5 points that you can spend now on Evangelism, Archangel and Atonement. The talents you have removed aren't much important, your heals and mana regen are almost the same than before and now you got the AWESOME AA/A spec.

    Here you got my disc talents so if you want take a look ... :P

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    Depends what you want to go for. If you want manareg you should take:
    FQ > tyrande > tsunami > fall > jar > alchemist stone > chalice
    Reasoning : FQ is great timed together with your int based manareg abilities
    Tyrande grants 350mp5 when used on cd an provides more than the 400 spirit from tsunami
    Fall has less slirit than a always active taunami
    Jar is a nogo as disc because no int. Even if it provides more spirit then every other trinket, it will grant you less manareg then int+spirit trinkets
    Alchemist stone brings 9k per fight if used with conc pot
    Chalice has a bit more int then other trinkets

    Constant throughput: alchemists stone > chalice > rest > jar&FQ
    Cooldown throughtput: FQ > chalice
    FQ has a great potential as if used correctly!!
    Decide yourself what suites you best
    I would use tyrande and FQ probably
    Or FQ and chalice for hard CD healing :-)
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