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    The Outcasts!

    Me and my brother left the group we were in, but not the guild and joined a new group from a mixed ppl from several guilds (13 members) and now we are 3/7H now, so suddenly we just became the outcasts in the guild we are. If we ask things on GC no-one responds anymore, when we got our Ragnaros kill and I got Sulfuras as off-spec, some members called me betrayer, lame, names and stuff, etc.

    The thing is, we were left behind for "better" players, 'cause the GM decided to change the guild from 25 to 10 and formed 3 other groups (Group 1: GM and Pals), were me and my brother were put in. I ended up "leading" the 2 10man, but eventually we were just not getting any progress whatsoever, failing with huge mistakes on Baleroc and Majordomo and not even reaching Ragnaros after 4-5 weeks of raiding together and getting responses from raid members like: "f... u I just wanna get fun", "U are not the guild master!", "Uh the brothers are mad.....", etc.

    So we (me and my brother) decided to have a talk with the GM to tell him about our problems and the possible changes we were gonna do, etc, and the aswer we got was: "F... u, I don't care about what u guys do, just do it and dont bother me, we are going to kill Ragnaros tonight (his group) and I just don't care."

    Good answer isn't it!

    So well, we ended up having interviews with players from the Realm, and after 4 days we got out group armed, but we never ask about joining our guild, we just wanted ppl who like to have challenges, with a good raiding background and who studied the encounter ahead before we get into it, just to polish details, etc.

    As you can see we did well after 2 weeks of raiding and now the GM is warning us to get those persons to the guild, so the Guild Tag can get up in the Wowprogress and sites like that one or we will be kicked from the guild (Note: His group is still 7/7 normal). I mean, we didnt told the ppl to leave their respective guilds when we ask them to join us, we can't do it now, it's just stupid.

    Why are some guys like this (the GM), he didnt gave a crap for us before and even now, he is just interested in his guild tag.

    I think I know the outcome right, we will be kicked. /sigh

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    /gquit, buy guild charter, form own guild with your new team that has 3/7. /point and /laugh at the guildmaster and his fail team.

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    Leave your pathetic guild and start up your own, maybe even with the people you raided with.
    Anything is better than being in a guild lead like this one...
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    There's always, ALWAYS a "huge uproar" about anything Blizz does, usually from people who either don't entirely understand the thing they're complaining about, or refuse to acknowledge that most players are perfectly okay with the current state of affairs. Whenever people complain that they don't listen to feedback it mostly means "they don't listen to ME ME ME".
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    He likes to have a big epeen on wowprogress, but fails to do it himself. Amirite?
    I cant understand while you are still in the guild.

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    Seriously, I cant stand douchebags like that.....Just leave the guild and make your own and pwn the shit out of everything, and then /flex to your old GM GL

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    Also - this thread title is, in fact, the name of the guild you guys should go roll
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    It sounds like you and your brother are two selfish jerks from the attitude of your fellow guildies(on the raids, not after your Ragnaros kill). However, if the leader did demand you get those people in or get kicked then he's just as selfish a jerk and you might as well leave the guild(since you don't seem interested in helping it progress, anyway)
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    Thanks guys we just quit the guild few minutes ago and joined a new one with no progress so we can just raid with our group and have fun.

    AlysonMeyer: It sounds but we never "nerd rage" or stuff like that. Let me put some examples about what happened in some raids:

    Example 1 - Baleroc:
    Me: Ok guys, remember I'm gonna get Decimation blades so keep an eye to healm me if my char dont get a dodge or parry from those hits.
    Outcome: 1rst decimation, 1 hit 10% of health, next 1 the death of my char.
    Me: So what happened guys?
    Healer 1: U didn't tell us when the decimation was activated.
    Me: Are you using DBM?
    Healer 1: Yes f.... as what do u think?

    Example 2 - Majordomo:
    Me: Ok guys we are going to do 9-5-5-5-5-5-5 (Cd's previously arranged)
    Outcome: Cleave 7 (1 dps down) - Cleave 9 (4 members splitting away, all the others still stacking)
    Me: Why did Dps 1 died?
    Dps 1: 'Cause I rock
    Me: C'mon seriously can anybody of the healers tell me what happened?
    Healer 2: I forgot to heal him, lol
    Me: Ok well, next question why didn't u go out after 9th cleave?
    Dps 3: U didn't call out in vent suc....!

    Example 3 - Rhyolith:
    Me: Hey Dk-Tank (off-tank) tank this thing so we can get Lock in the raid I will leave
    Dk-Tank: Ok
    Outcome: 2nd wave of little adds, wipe.
    Me: What happened Dk-Tank (after whisperings from healers about he getting no aggro from little adds)
    Dk-Tank: The hunter isn't Mding me the little adds!
    Me: Dude as I already told u just ask the Md for the Big-add if u are away from him, not the little ones, u can aoe them quick.
    Dk-Tank: U don't know a s.... about Dk-Tanks! we don't have Rend and thunderclap like warriors so s... the f........ out!

    After several of these examples I was getting tired, and no I'm not an selfish jerk like you figured out. I just happend to be in the position of "raid leader" wich I didn't ask

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