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    I decided to try the haste build. Here is what I have done. Any recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mookspal View Post
    Thank you for the input. I would really like to see some of your log's if you are willing to post.

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    So I took the advise of many and looked up some of the top Disc priests on WOL(10 man). So far, I am seeing all of them reforge haste and crit to mastery. Now I understand that some of the best disc priest might not run logs, so before I believe what you are saying, can you please post your logs? Are the top disc priest on logs wrong? With a few upgrades this last week and stacking mastery I was over 13K on shannox and 18K on Beth, ect (increase on all bosses). Those numbers seem pretty high for my gear levels compared to other disc priest. I guess i am just a little curious on why I am not seeing any disc priest in the top few positions stacking haste or crit. Humm. i will have to look into this more.

    Examples of beth logs are:

    #1 disc priest on Beth and ranked in the top 5 on others

    #3 disc priest on Beth
    I'll tell you what - I'll talk with Shannti and see what they have to say. My badly-geared Disc Priest is on the same realm.

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    we just killid ragnaros a week ago and as it is now running almost full ilvl 378 gear i had been stacking mastery aswell. I just reforged to haste/crit instead tpo try it out (12 mst, 18% haste, 18% crit unbuffed) and i push out way more healing this way. Even reforged about 800 spirit away cause i found myself having 90% mana after each boss kill.

    I think its a scaling issue tbh. When i started raiding i was stacking mastery + crit whihc worked but my hps didnt seem to go much higher but as my gear got better i could reach higher haste lvls with more mana regen so i wont drain my mana so hard. Imo it looks like start of tier: Mastery > and middle/end : haste. Atleast this is what i'm doing and its working good for both tank/raid healing

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    It would be interesting that you say if you use the AA/A spec or not because I don't know if reforging to haste is the best option in both cases.

    Thanks :P

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