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    Activision killed WOW

    Since activision took over blizzard the 2 expansions they made have been a total letdown and because they are gold diggers they dont care about making the game good anymore they just want every single player to be happy and to get everything with minimum effort, which has destroyed wow, when you are not raiding or doing pvp all there is to do is farm ZA,ZG wow that is so much fun, they even took a shortcut with 3.1 by releasing two 5mans that were revamped, then they released only a 7 boss raid which will probably last about 6months which is to long for only 7 bosses.

    i started playing in the TBC times and that was the best game i ever played, that is why i didn't renew my subscription last month as i was just bored when ever i logged in, so this game's downfall came from Activision thank you very much Activision you destroyed the best game i ever played, and now i'm switching to star wars because you destroyed wow.

    EDIT- For those of you who say "Activision dont have control over blizzard" if you honestly believe that u need a punch in the face, Activision bought blizz out for 18.8 billion dollars so if u think they have no control over what blizzard make then go crawl back under that rock you live in, everything blizz does is controlled by activision, so blizz are told what to do by activision.
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    Oh this AGAIN

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    Dunno what your talking about...
    I absolutely love Cata, I started around late june, early july of last year, and I leveled fairly slowly as I didn't know what I was doing, but after I got to 80 I got gear so that I didn't look so nooby, then cata dropped(basically was waiting on it...) and I've geared up 4 and a half different specs for one character, and I absolutely love it!

    Cata for me, is the best it could be, I enjoy it.

    so there. =]

    Opinions are just that, opinions.

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    No, Just No. Pass me a tinfoil hat please.
    wtf??!11?? I'm transforming to carrot, amagad!

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    Oh, we need another one of these threads.
    Sales are getting higher.
    Many people believe the game is getting better and better.

    Just because you prefer TBC over Cataclysm doesn't mean that Activision destroyed the game.
    It means exactely what it says: "You prefer TBC over Cataclysm."
    The reason you are going to play SWTOR is because you prefer it over WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    Oh this AGAIN
    Beat me too it.

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    Activision didn't kill WoW, it just put a giant thorn into it's side.

    Personally I still play, for friends and for some casual PvP, though PvP does annoy me with the fact that class balance is still pretty bad.

    Seriously though, WoW isn't dead yet.

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    Since activision took over blizzard the 2 expansions they made have been totally awesome, I'm having tons of fun and I've never racked up more playtime then in cata.

    See what I did there?

    You have a right to your opinion of course, but don't say it like it's fact.

    I don't care if people stop playing. With any luck, they'll also stop posting about why wow sucks and polluting the community in general. In the end, the game and community will be better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zer0shift View Post
    No, Just No. Pass me a tinfoil hat please.
    *putting the tinfoil hat on* hmm no. Actionvision did not kill wow.

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    Only on normal though, heroic will be a different story.

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    Don't know what you're talking about. Cataclysm and WotLK are still my favourite expansions.

    I hated TBC, so should I like Activison and not Blizzard?

    Oh wait, I loved Classic WoW which was made by Blizzard, hmmm ... *confused*

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    this is getting tiring

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    I wouldn't say Activision killed WoW, but I think Blizzard being bound to a huge mega corporation with many different parts didn't help, When Activision merged with Blizzard from day one there were expectations beyond what blizzard had ever been made to contend with, and as with any corporation with many different parts, if other parts of the business don't perform as well, then their are bound to be bigger changes than the ones Blizzard probably had to deal with. In gaming like any other fast paced industry, when you are a big Company like ActivisionBlizzard, or EA, a lot is expected.

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    Activision killed wow ? Wierd cause WoW isn't dead . hmm

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    Oh my god. WoW died? When? Because actually at this moment I am playing wow and am sitting in Stormwind. And weirdly enough WoW doesn't seem to have some "un-subscribe disease" because people still seem to log on and stay on as it seems here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    Oh this AGAIN
    But adam, it has been at least two hours since the last one, far too long, IMO!

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    I am honestly confused. Can someone provide a link that states that Activision is in direct control of Blizzard?
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    they should make a sticky about blizz/activision QQ

    tired of this shit.
    if you hate the game, just fucking quit. dont riddle these forums with crying threads

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    Autolock and ban needed urgently on this forum now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucarocks92 View Post
    and now i'm switching to star wars because you destroyed wow.
    If you think that EA/Bioware is a better choice than Activision Blizzard, then you've got a harsh reality to wake up to....

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