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    10 man raid DPS Composition

    So i'm running a 10 man raiding team and we have been raiding entire T11 and T12 with the composition of 3 Ranged and 2 Melee.

    Now we lost one ranged dps and made the decision of making one of our best melee (enh shaman) go Elemental and let our replacement melee (a fury warrior) have a 100% raid spot.

    Now the question is on what fights is it actually needed to have more ranged than melee because it would be better (gear wise) if we could keep our shaman enh for wich he has geared and go with a 2 Ranged 3 Melee dps setup.

    Will we suffer, setup wise, if we do this ?

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    For Firelands it's not really a big deal except on Majordomo Staghelm. You need to have at least two ranged mixed in with your healers for the orbs part of the fight. Otherwise you'll most likely have people sitting out doing nothing or will have a hard time healing. Shannox it IS beneficial to have ranged because Rageface moves a lot. Beth'tilac, I think you'd need either-or. Ryolith it's beneficial to have at least two melee for the legs. For Alys, it's more important to have enough interrupts. Baelroc, a healthy mix is nice. Rag, both ranged and melee is nice, though more ranged for the meteors would probably be a good idea.

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    Most of the firelands encounters will reward you for bringing less melee to your groups.
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