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    Nvidia GT540M switch problem with Intel HD integrated

    I've recently bought a notebook ASUS X53S I5 with 2gb GT540M.

    The problem is that my computer works with integrated INTEL HD video card and when I start a game or application, my GT540M starts to work. But when I play Wow, I got 2 sec freezing spikes. I think that the only reason could be the video card used so I need a way to "disactivate" completly the integrated Intel HD video card and use only GT540m.

    Any suggestion?


    I'm sure that is a hardware/software problem since from my desktop (older than my notebook, with ATI 5570 HD 1gb and only dual core CPU) I've no freezing spikes at all
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    Are all your drivers up to date and does this spiking happen randomly or at specific moments (after alt-tabbing, when playing youtube movies, etc...)?

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    I would check on the WoW Tech Support forum. This is a known issue with dual GPU setups on laptops, but I don't know of a work-around.

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