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    Frost mage PvP - crit or mastery?

    So I was sitting in Org this morning, drinking my coffee and enjoying the guilty pleasure that is watching trade chat, when a discussion broke out after a guy asked if he should be stacking mastery or crit as a pvp frost mage.

    Which got me thinking - what's the answer? I've always been told crit, but what about that mastery?

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    TBh don't realy know as I only have a 54 Mage but from my observations it would be mastery for huge shatter hits and crit for overall high ish dmg.

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    Mastery has been becoming more popular for mages because of the burst that you can get with it. Try stacking an insane amount of mastery and watch what happens when you deep freeze something with a shatter combo; it's pretty devastating. It really depends on what comp you'll be running for PvP. I'd say any comp that you won't have to worry about a DR on deep freeze would favor mastery stacking because you can effectively push out huge pressure with switches every 30 seconds using deep freeze/shatter combos. For a comp like, RMP, mastery wouldn't be all that great since the rogue's stuns share DR with deep freeze. A lot of it is personal preference too; you'll have to experiment with what stat you like the best.

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    If its anything like Frost PvE....

    You get to the crit cap (shatter triples your chance to crit on frozen targets so if you get like 33.4% crit you'll crit 100% of the time) and then you go after the other stats.

    Don't yell at me if I'm totally wrong. I'm just guessing people! ^_^'

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    The decision should be between Haste and Mastery.

    From those it is personal choice, although mastery seems to be more popular due to the pressure it adds to shatter combos.

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    Frost Mage: Int>Mastery>Haste>Crit (Just enough crit that you have at least a 80-90% chance of crit when you shatter combo)
    Fire Mage: Crit>Int>Mastery>Haste (Crit is your best friend here)
    Arcane Mage:Haste>Int>Mastery>Crit (I think hase is very important as arcane, faster arcane blasts ftw)

    At least that is how I've always done it for pvp....I'm sure you can mix it up a bit to your liking...
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    I don't ever go out of my way to get haste, frostbolts fast enough that whatever incidental haste I get is enough to give me the flexibility to hard cast when i want. I'd def go for mastery over crit, nothing is more infuriating than executing a perfect shatter combo only to leave your enemy at 5% health with enough time to LoH/GS/HS w/e....
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    which stat is prefered for random pvp ?

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