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    Patch 4.2.0a deployed on live realms

    Update - Added today's few blue posts. Sadly, nothing really new/exciting and no news of Patch 4.3 yet.
    Update - Added Patch 4.2.0A Official Notes

    Patch 4.2.0a deployed on live realms
    Patch 4.2.0a has been deployed on live realms and your game build should now be 14480. We're not really sure what bugs are fixed with this patch, hopefully we'll get official notes at some point.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Bug Fixes
    • Using an instant cast spell right after a target dies should no longer re-target the dead target’s body.
    • Using an ability immediately after switching targets should no longer affect the previous target.
    • Resolved a movement error when jumping onto an object while experiencing a low frame rate.
    • Mac: Fixed a bug preventing shift and mouse wheel commands from registering properly.
    • Resolved issues that were causing client crashes near Beth’tilac in the Firelands.
    • Disconnecting while riding as a passenger in a vehicle should no longer cause an error upon subsequent login.
    • Entering a password with Japanese Hiragana selected as the keyboard type should no longer cause a crash.
    • Resolved an issue that was causing the client to crash under certain conditions when minimizing the game client.

    • The tooltip color for heirloom items has been returned to gold.

    • A move enforcement issue has been resolved that was affecting the death knight starting area quest Death Comes From on High.
    • Tarecgosa's platform during the cutscene from Alignment (Elemental Bonds legendary quest) should now be visible before she lands on it.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Tier 11 Shoulders and Head for Justice Points
    As of this moment, there aren't any plans to make those items available for Justice Points.

    That doesn't necessarily mean that those items are still out of reach, though. We re-tuned the tier 11 raid instances in the hopes that players who haven't seen that content might be willing to give them a shot. If you don't have a group of friends or guild mates that are interested in trying out those raids, the Raid Browser is an under-used tool that can be convenient for getting a raid group started, or for filling the gaps in your raid composition.

    (For those who are unaware, the Raid Browser is available as a menu button at the bottom of your interface titled 'Raid') (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Why does Blizzcon exist? Can't Blizzard just attend E3?
    E3 is an expo primarily geared toward employees and press in the gaming industry. BlizzCon is a convention we host ourselves for our Blizzard gaming communities. In order to make sure it's packed full of cool stuff, we need to make sure it roughly pays for itself.

    The size, scope, and purpose of BlizzCon is so different from E3 that there's no meaningful way to compare the two. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Hiring Game Masters
    Hiring Game Masters is a lengthy and expensive process, and one that we are constantly going through. Speaking as a former Game Master myself, it's not an easy job. There's a lot of demands that need to be made, both from the employer and the players that you interact with. Much training is required, and even then, some tasks are limited to more experienced Game Masters.

    This is a topic that comes up frequently, and it seems to stem from the general lack of knowledge about how we do the things that we do in Customer Support. Some of that will have to remain a well-protected secret - we provide the best customer support that we can, and we feel that's something extremely valuable that no other company offers at the same level. We know it's important to you guys, and we agree.

    However, we're also working on ways to bring to light our policies, procedures, and our day to day lives here so that our players can better understand what's necessary to get these difficult tasks done in the best and most efficient way possible. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
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    Thanks, Boub!

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    patch downloads if you relog, no restart required

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    Hope they fixed this horrible combat log bug that duplicates everything ..

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    Sudden mass D/C's -> "There's a new patch available!"

    Well i guess that's one way to push a hotfix lol

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    lvl 85 rogue 82 mage 80 shaman 85 warrior 85 priest 12 hunter 45 druid 33 warlock 82 paladin 71 DK there 10 characters

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    Fix my dear TAB please. Thx

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    Woo! Wonder what it is..

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    yeah, half of the german users cannot login anymore (fortunately not me! :> )

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    yay for tab target fix yaaaay. there was much rejoicing for tanks and dps.

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    Epic gems please...

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    The Patch notes for 4.2.0a are in the launcher's patch notes.

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    Are my addons going to all be broken and need to be updated when I get home?

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    does this mean a smaller downtime tomorrow? I would hope so since they don't have to apply the patch then.

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    The patch notes for 4.2.0a are in the launcher's patch notes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traumatic View Post
    Are my addons going to all be broken and need to be updated when I get home?

    Also, my german members cannot login anymore and have downloading issues with the patch.

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