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    What body type do you have? (genetics)

    I am pretty large, both in fath and muscle. I wouldn't know if I lose fat fast because I didn't really try to but I don't lose muscle fast.

    I gain both pretty fast and my frame is a little wide. I am of average or short height, 1,75 m. Or 5,9

    Oh and saw somebody link a info piece or something saying that there are no different body types. Maybe not types but genetics SO play a role.

    So how does your body work?
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    Tall, thin (I have to work out to retain weight, not lose it), my face is pretty angular and uhmm medium shoulder width...I think that's it? (x

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    Small and lean, with long members and low body fat.

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    Im not fat, but I could say losing a few pounds wouldn't hurt :P
    So, Average and wide shoulders, and a bit muscular.

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    Im 6'6 with size 17shoe. Tall and brown!

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    i'm a Larger person. 6' 1" 260lbs. i can muscle at an above average rate ( i think) but with that i also gain fat pretty quickly too XP wider shoulders and no neck to speak of. it's too short and wide
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    Right now, between mesomorph - ectomorph. Just gotta keep eating my calories!
    I'm not sure what I am "naturally" - I was overweight at one point, and too thin at one point ... but I think I'm more on the ectomorphic side. Stopped working out for almost 5 months and still remained small even with not eating the greatest.
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    Ectomorph. I've being working out for a decade, I'm still as thin as ever.

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    6ft 1in, muscular with little to no fat, 102kg.

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    Between Mesomorph and Ectomorph. I almost always hover around 170, I can't gain size easily at all, but I gain strength fairly easily. Will have to eat a ton though to start getting bulkier.

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    Somewhere between endomorph and mesomorph, I can become and look muscular very fast when I work out but when I don't I store up fat easily.

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    Tall'ish (175 cm) hourglass shape I think.
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