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    Question Holy pala leaves my raid. Welcome disc priest?

    Hi! I'm a main specced shadow priest, offspecced disc priest. But i play my main spec 95% of time.

    Our 10 man raid has nowadays 4 healers: 1 Holy Paladin. 1 Resto Shamy. 2 Resto Druids.

    Holy Paladin is leaving our raid in September due to his personal, studies and job duties. We've contacted with a holy/disc priest who is interested in our raid and I wonder if we can dispense with a holy pala in our raid, playing with a disc priest intstead. I play WoW since Vanilla and holy palas have always been almost a "must have". I think things have changed in Cata and I know for myself disc priest is awesome. But I'm not sure if we can raid without a Holy Pala so I'd love to know YOUR OPINIONS about this.

    Excuse my poor english. I do my best xD

    I repeat: Opinions are welcome.

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    A good disc priest should be able to take over the jobs of a holy paladin (heal the tank!) just fine. You'll lose some buffs I hope you can compensate for (aura's, BoM) but you'll gain a very powerful raid cd (PW:B).

    In short: yes, it shouldn't be a problem.

    I do hope you don't run with 4 healers in mainspec all the time though? Because for most fights 4 healers is complete overkill, and some (Rhyolitih f.e.) are actually easiest to 2 heal.

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    No.. ofc. We are 13-14 players in our raid. The usual setup is 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 dps, of course! xD

    More opinions pls?
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    Agree with Calypso. Holy Paladins and Disc priests are mostly interchangeable.
    Disc is probably a bit stronger in the AoE department, which is a plus in 10mans, while paladins are a bit stronger in the tankhealing department. The difference in strength should not be a showstopper.

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    A disc priest can heal 1 tank just fine, but paladins are much better at healing 2 targets at once (the 2 targets not being the healer, binding heal is pretty good in those situations). I would say in most encounters a dpriest could replace a paladin, though the other healers may have to put more hots on the offtank, mostly because discs lack beacon. Of course, by replacing the paladin with a disc priest, you get slightly better raid heals when the tanks aren't tanking much damage.

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    Another thing you can't do as Disc, is to have instant AOE heal with a single click. Radiance might not be as good as PoH in the long run, but it's nice for healing up some minor bruises while you focus on tank healing. With Disc, any AOE heal takes your full attention, unless you count Holy Nova... and you really shouldn't.

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    On the other hand you can PoM the tank and get some raid heals off without using more than a GCD. Or shield the tank and cast a BTed PoH.

    We've been running without a holy paladin since near the end of T11 and it's not really a problem. That said, we're only doing firelands normal modes...

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    I don't care about the buffs because we got a tankadin and at least 1 druid in our raid. So BoK and BoM are guaranteed. My doubts were about the capability of a disc priest healing both tanks at the same time compared to a holy pala.

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    Yes, you can easily replace your paladin with a disc priest.

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    My advice: resto shammy on tanks, disc tank/raid, resto druid raid healing.
    My guild is running like this we're 4/7 HC.

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    A good Discipline Priest player should be able to compensate for whatever the Holy Paladin was doing to help out your raid, except for the buffs of course.
    It is worth giving the Priest a run and see if they can hold up a position as a good raider and are able to compensate for the healing that the Paladin was putting out. What I can say is that a Holy Paladin is able to put out good heals and not put much effort in, give him a run and see what he's worth I'd say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apiss View Post
    My advice: resto shammy on tanks, disc tank/raid, resto druid raid healing.
    My guild is running like this we're 4/7 HC.
    Resto/Disc/Resto all the way bro
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