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    Mastery vs Haste for 10 man healing

    I am the tank healer in my guilds 10 man raid. We use a disc priest, resto druid, and resto shaman. Both the druid and i are close to heals, but i was wondering if i should get some more haste and if that would allow me to top him. Most encounters we both do about 14 to 15k. Im not sure since i moved from a 25 man guild to a 10 man. My heals are good atm, but want to know if i can do better if i get some more haste. When i was in 25 man i know all i needed waste mastery.

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    i heal as disc in a 10m. same healer makeup. i usually out heal both the shaman and the druid i have all of 5% haste. i usually do the least amount of over healing as well but back to the point. i try and keep my crit and mastery upthere. keep hots and pom dashing around. dont know if you are or not but prayer of healing glyph is good for 10m healing and its basically auto crit too so the hot plus the bubble makes for some nice healing going on and little things like using penance and renew before using a cast with borrowed time will = more ticks = more heals. so long story short. make use of pw: shield and keep the haste low and the crit and mastery as equal as possible imo

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    i have about 20 percent mastery and 11 percent crit. can u put ur characters name so i can look on amory and how often do use renew. as disc i see myself only using it sometimes

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