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    Tochlight 2! But I won't play both games for a long time. D3 will be dead after 2 month, when the Bots have ruined the game.

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    I played Torchlight and found it to be rather bland and had a very cramped and rushed feel to it, to be fair i did not even even complete it.

    To this day i still have diablo 2 on my drive and play it very often even with it being so over run with bots.

    Diablo3 will be impressive, no doubt about that.

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    Titan Quest >>>>> Torchlight

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    Quote Originally Posted by backabacka View Post
    Torchlight 2 will be good, but not as good as Diablo 3. Its been a long time since Diablo 2 and I think we've forgotten what a new age Diablo willl have to offer.
    But the creators of Diablo 1 & 2 are making Torchlight 2, and the people at Blizzard working on Diablo 3 have never made a Diablo game before.

    In all honesty, I won't be getting Diablo 2 simply because of real money AH and always online DRM.
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    I think neither of them is a true Diablo 2 successor. Torchlight is cartoony, and did not have a huge budget like Diablo 3 can benefit from, so it was a different game, not so dark. Torchlight 2 could enjoy a little more money and be darker, but I do not see that happening. I honestly did not like that direction, it did not look serious enough to me and had so many lightning effects that I felt like playing those low budget spaceship shooters with a lot a of colours!

    As for Diablo 3, it is a completely different game, a lot more casual than Diablo 2 (which is not bad, it is just different). It does look more like Diablo 2 to some extent. However, a few things annoy me quite a bit: it is a lot brighter, even a simple weapon swing causes a lightning effect that I do not enjoy. I do not like how the stats / skills system works (I am not saying Diablo 2 was better, I just mean I do not like the way it is now!), and I think it is too flashy. Monks attacking fill the screen with lights, neon, it is like a nightclub sign, for instance. It is also very cartoony, which I do not like at all the way it is now, and I think it is very different from both Diablo 1 and 2 graphically.

    To me, Torchlight is just another game with the same foundation, but it is not akin to Diablo series except for being the same genre. And Diablo 3 looks like a generic hack and slash game sharing the name of one of the most famous franchises ever released, but having little to no soul in it.

    I am still waiting for a true successor.

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    This is the first I've heard of no talent trees in D3. That's pretty disappointing. I feel like it's just laziness because they feel like getting the product to market and don't want to have to deal with all the abilities and balancing. I was irked about the AH situation, and then I heard about the inability to enjoy the game offline. I virtually never played D2 online, but I got hundreds of hours of enjoyment out of it all by myself. I don't like this whole corporate movement of forcing people to register games and connect to the internet. It would be simple enough to just not allow single player characters to be imported to the online multiplayer environment.

    This is one of the reasons I left Ultima Online. A larger company, EA, took over, and from there the soul of the development became corrupted. These feelings of resentment are developing within me once again, as Blizzard diverges from what they were and begins to become something different from the game maker I knew and loved. It's like a great toy maker ceasing to make great toys in favor of cheaper toys that are easier to mass produce. I'm sure alot of it is the fault of Activision, but the Devs are probably getting accustomed to slacking.

    At this point I doubt I'll play either game. Neither honestly looks that great, they probably won't run well on my computer like the lagfest disappointment Starcraft 2, and most of my interest is driven by nostalgia for a game that was once ground breaking but is now common quality. I'm probably just going to take a pass.

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    I think both games will be great. Do not let a Torchlight or Diablo fan boys tell you differently.
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