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    Critique as harsh as you wish

    Have been playing dis since LK and have to admit enjoyed it immensely. The new expansion has made me have to completely rethink my healing and whilst in raids im not ding so bad, I feel completely useless in 5 mans. Its not as if I don't read forums, as I do. But I do feel like I need to ask for help. Have tried so much advice I feel pretty fed up. Seems very demoralising to have had no trouble in 5 mans in the past, or rather felt as if it was in control, to feeling I get a group through with sheer luck. I know its soft but Im a healer that feels very responsible for her group.. So feeling pretty bad right now.

    Anyways I am not a theory crafter, I do read things and try things out however. Perhaps someone can help me work out why I am sucking so much in 5 mans- I am talking about troll dungeons in particular.

    I cant post any links unfortunately. At a loss at why I am doing so badly these days.

    If you wish for links to my last world of logs or a armoury Im happy to do so, But I cant on the forum.

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    What's your characters name and what realm are you on (us/eu?)

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    Be more precise, mana issues?

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    Don't feel down about the new 5 mans they are either a cake walk or a wipe fest dependent on how smart the group is as a whole, in general the tank should be the only one taking any major damage for which you may need cooldowns if the entire group is taking random damage then it makes healing a nightmare you will have mana issues.

    At the moment I consider my self to be way over geared for those heroics 370ilvl yet it's still possible to fail at those instances, they are like a 5 man raid you have to do things correctly and cant just smash heads like we used to in 5 mans.

    ^^ it's kinda hard to Critique you if you don't post any character info.

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    Give us an armory link :P
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    you fucking rock, you don't need to l2p

    am I doing it right?

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    If you can't post links you can give the server info (say eu or us) and your character name. Generally people are willing to do the links for you. It's really hard to do any kind of critic without armory or logs.

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    Without anything else to work on, I am forced to quote the law of ugly.
    It doesn't work because you are ugly

    Yes, I couldn't pass up a chance to insult a random guy on the internet for free. But if you post some character info or a better problem description, I am willing to give it a shot!

    Disc? Holy? Gear level? Did you enchant stuff? Are you running oom? Are people dying because your heals are too weak? Confused about spell selection? Trying to heal everyone with Holy Nova? Still in ilvl 60 gear?

    Stuff like that would help!
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    Yes I am clairemary on runetotem eu, sorry it took me a while to get back as I was having dinner and no mana isnt the issue.

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    In my original post I did post all the links, but seems as if you have to have posted a certain number of times before it will let you post links

    and yes danner, mu heals do seem to feel weak.
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    lol, thats true,,,

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    OP: Do you always run with the same glyphs? Try adding both glyph of PoH and glyph of PoM. Troll randoms can be a bit of a challenge in a mastery stacked build, but still can get the job done. Try stacking you DA shields (with PoH) before large AoE damage, this will buy you time and keep the tank up during group damage. If you enjoy raiding in heavy mastery build and it works for you, great. If you are struggling in raid, try a bit more Haste, less mastery.

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    Yep good advice Madam, I've been experimenting with haste v mastery as of late, mastery is nice in raids if I am on the duty it so 5 mans not so good. No I dont change glyphs much at all, Il look into that. Thankyou.

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    How are people fast to respond on thread that has bash me etc. in the title :O internet never stops to surprise me.

    And to poster what other said ( link/what is the problem/etc).


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    Basically your goal is to pick a stat and focus on it. Mastery/haste w.e they are all viable. You heal according to your favored stat. With mastery you should find yourself blanketing groups with PW:S followed by poh if big aoe damage is going out, PW:S is really your bread and butter in that case. If your stacking haste you should only use pws for your rapture ability or in needed situations to prevent a death. Also get yourself a glyph of prayer of mending IMO it's great. I would also suggest you match your socket with the right color gems. Otherwise you usually follow a simple healing rule in 5 mans and usually 10s as well. Keep pom up, shield ur tank whenever possible(spec SOS if u focus on mastery) keep penance on cd. I use GH on targets if they are 80% or below. Use poh if 2-3 of your group members have taken damage. The trick to healing as a priest is to know the fight before you even encounter it. You need to be ready to blanket your group with pws and poh at the right time. Hope I helped for the most part

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    Yes Collins lots of that made sense. My issue has been trying lots of different things with the spec and feeling perhaps I could do it better. The fact is I think the heavier mastery spec will be better for my raids, yet feel utterly weak in 5 mans. I guess I cant have it good both ways, thankyou for taking the time to respond.

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    Sorry tried to post links but the site says I dont have enough posts under my belt to do it here.

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    So, let's try this insulting business again!
    Discipline. A popular choice these days!
    Your gear is pretty decent, definitively ready-for-raiding.
    Your talent selection is okay. I'm sure that there are plenty of people who have major complaints here, but honestly, it should work. It's a prefectly sane AA/Smite build.

    So you feel weak, eh?

    I assume you are talking about troll dungeons, rather than raids. Though you have done some T11 raids, I see in your activity log that it's mostly troll stuff. That's okay!

    I guess the power feeling is a question of spell selection over anything else. And you are not alone in that. Disc does have to work harder than Holy when it comes to the troll dungeons, because they are heavy with aoe healing requirements, and Disc is not quite on par with Holy in that aspect. In particular, AA/Smite is not quite optimal for the troll heroics either, because smiteheal (or normal heal for that matter) simply isn't strong enough to keep things alive in that place. I personally end up spamming flash heal a whole lot when doing troll dungeons. Then again, I usually do it as Holy

    Still - try to flash heal more, and try to not use Heal unless the damage is miniscule.
    Yes, you will run OOM quite a lot more, but it will make a difference in terms of "keeping stuff alive".
    Remember: You can always drink along the way, even on a timed ZA run!

    As for the AoE Healing, the dungeons are still healable by Paladins. And that means your PoH should and will be sufficient. Given your gear, I foresee no issues to keep the group alive. Let me know if that is actually a problem.

    More input would be nice though, because honestly, with your setup I can't think of too many things that should be wrong. I was fearing you were still running around in blue gear or something. Not the case!

    Oh. And your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!

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    Grrr....elderberries I am in therapy over that!!
    So I need to work on spell selection in the trolls, also guessing I need to be less afraid of flash healing... again makes sense!

    I don't kill a group, but its just me trying to be better I guess, just feel like I ought to get more out of my spec and gear then i am, but the advice is a good help in fixing that. Sorry for the lack of information given. I did actually make a post full of links, but as I have a few posts under my belt I was not allowed to post them.

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    On trash in ZA, I spend half my casts as Flash Heal / Binding Heal. As Disc, you also have Penance. Make sure to use them a lot.

    ZG is somewhat more forgiving,but ZA can be brutal, especially when you get those pesky double pulls. Flash Heal will provide you with all the power you will ever need. The only downside is that it really does not last forever.

    Then again, you do not need to last forever. Some safety buffer in case a mage decide to nosedive into a cleave is nice, but that's usually what I keep a manapot around for. I usually try to end fights at close to 0 mana. That doesn't mean I need to be ineffective, but it means that if I can throw up a dot or a Mind Spike (and as an AA build, you really want to throw a few Holy Fire's around to build evangelism stacks!), and then later cover the healing grounds lost with a flash heal, then I will. It doesn't happen often in my holy specc, but I do end up beating failDPSers on the DPS meters every now and then. And it is always fun

    Mana is meant to be used. Otherwise, it's just wasted potential regen that could have been a troughput stat. Too much regen is never a problem as a healer as long as you use those big heals. Of course, running oom after every trashpack is no fun either. So find a middle ground that suits you!

    Oh. And:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collins View Post
    I would also suggest you match your socket with the right color gems.
    Gemming pure Intellect vs matching sockets?

    Int increases every heal we have and makes PW:S and DA larger.

    Matching sockets only gives more secondary stats, unless the socket bonus is +20 or 30 Intellect.

    The OP isn't having mana troubles so in this case, gems are fine. (matched sockets are +20 and +30 spirit)

    No mana troubles: Gem pure Int, two yellows to match Meta (Ember Shadowspirit Diamond), and match only socket bonus +20 or 30 Intellect.

    Lower gear & mana hungry: Match all sockets till regen improves (with gear). This will boost your secondary stats letting you reforge to spirit if needed.

    (errrr....when is spacing error going to be repaired?!)
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