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    Yeah if your socket bonus isnt great dont match it.... I mean look around the only kind of priests who dont match their bonuses are shadow.. I have yet to see priests (disc/holy) stack int. Ints great but when you get get a 20 int 20 haste plus 20 spirit or 10 int or even 20, hit that up. And considering 99.9% of the time your socket bonus for a cloth healing piece, will be int or spirit... Match your sockets.
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    They wouldn't be so mean if they knew how beautiful you were CM (even though you did ask for it!)

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    My first guess would be that your interface and your keybindings suck, do you use Grid, Clique, Power Auras, mouseover macros? Do you see your rapture cooldown?
    I got the world best Grid for Priests! If you wanna try it out I could upload you my settings xd

    well spell selection: use penance to build up 3 gracestacks, use PW:Shield on tank if rapture cooldown is rdy (else use this only in critical situations or you will go oom), use Heal to remove the Weakened Soul debuff, use Greater Heal a lot! and Prayer of Healing if more than 2 Players are low, use binding Heal if you are also low.
    Don't spec Archangel, I know the wings are cute but in most fights this spec sucks. oh and don't forget Mending on cooldown. use some emergency macros PI+Inner Focus + Prayer of Healing/Greater Heal/Flash Heal, or PI+Divine Hymn (be sure to cast a Shield before Hymn, that burrowed time buff makes your Hymn much stronger), use your Shadowfiend+Volcanic Potion+Burrowed Time+Mana Hymn if you got a Power Torrent proc this way you will get a lot! of mana and a huge spellpower buff for 25secs. If you're low on mana and Shadowfiend isn't rdy switch to Inner Will before you cast PW: Shield you can reg a lot of mana this way, I got 145k mana raidbuffed and i just can't go oom anymore if I do this xd.

    Stats Priority: Int>>>>>>>Spirit>Mastery>Haste>Crit but you should get at least 12.5% haste raidbuffed (1 extra hot/Hymn tick)
    don't try to match sockets get as much Intellect as you can.

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    Any posters that continues to post in a hateful and nonconstructive manner will receive harsher infractions than those given already.

    You have been warned.
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    If you're able too, can you please post your armory? I am not able to see your gear, your enchanting, and your choices in your Secondary Stat weighting.
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    I hope you understand sarcasm.

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    Scrapbot infracted me for my obviously facetious comment. Guess it doesn't recognize obvious humor?
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    Quick view, Your wearing bracers with hit, you have 0 set bonus, no firelands gear/ molten front daily gear (not really to relevant) Evangelism and Archangel can be put into other talents freeing up glyphs also. Then again my priest is an alt and I don't really keep 100% up to date all the time. Lots of gem / reforge improvements according to mr robot

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clairemary View Post
    Yes I am clairemary on runetotem eu

    sooo, assuming this is your armory:

    i activated my inner sherlock and found myself those:
    shannox -
    lord kill -
    spider kill -

    ill start with shannox:

    * 43% overhealing with shield. thats really bad. looks like you cast shield once dmg on target has ended, instead of casting it to prevent damage. also mind that unused shield = no rapture from it (don't get me wrong, i never say spamming shield is wrong, i only say that shields have to be well timed)

    * 0 (zero) greater heals casted, thats horrid (and if you raid healed, the next point makes it even more horrid).

    * 13 poh hits, so poh casted like 3-4 times per whole shannox fight

    lord fight:

    * top spell is shield, fine, seeing you have mastery stacked in gear, but (again) - really high overhealing with it (which might explain low rapture output). if you use shields try to make sure those will be used, ie, try time them before incoming dmg (playing disc requires high awareness of the fight)

    * second top spell - flash heal.
    Quote Originally Posted by clairemary View Post
    also guessing I need to be less afraid of flash healing... again makes sense!

    no sense at all here, you been spamming flash heal on aoe fight before already, and its far from being a good solution.

    * not even ONE greater heal, 5 prayer of healing hits total (does it mean 1 poh casted on the whole lord fight?)

    greater heal is your friend, poh is your friend, flash heal is ok for emergency, but to spam it on fight with a lot of raid dmg - weird. and lets not go with assignments, lord isnt a fight when you have to spam tank much.

    spider boss

    * poh is your 8th top spell. poh is your only aoe heal and spider is heavy aoe fight (even if you spent first phase on the net, there is still alot of dmg in second phase), so spam poh.

    * on a heavy aoe fight you did less healing with poh than with heal. why do you even use heal with aa spec, without sos?

    * again not even ONE greater heal.

    i know you asked for help in 5 mans and not in raid, stating you do fine in raids. i dont think you do that fine (its really not me trying to be mean, its the numbers from wol). you dont use 2 of your best healing tools, so no wonder you struggle in 5 mans.

    why do you NEVER use Greater Heal?
    why do you ALMOST never use PoH?
    why do you never use Binding Heal? (i dont buy 'i never take dmg' answer)

    and the far less important points:
    * u really dont need barrier glyph for 5 mans or firelands normal modes.
    * u could try using build without atonement but with sos instead, since you like to spam heal a lot AND run with high mastery / low haste
    * i might guess that you don't like poh because your raid has wrong group setups and it hits upto 3 ppl at a time. try talking to raid leader, explain that poh is party-spell, not raid-spell and ask for doing groups a bit better.
    * (and repeated) start using greater heal, poh and binding heal. when tank healing gheal should be one of your 2 top spells, if raid healing poh should be one of your 2(-3) top spells (its a general idea, no point to argue about it in relation to any very certain hard mode fight)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pontificate View Post
    Scrapbot infracted me for my obviously facetious comment. Guess it doesn't recognize obvious humor?
    No some mod is quite butthurt in these regions..

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    Wow lots of advice there and Hoddie, yes I did ask for it. I have selective reading however, I can easily ignore people who are just making fun out of me, and be thankful to those that spend their time writing responses to help me.

    Seems to be that things I do in raid need serious improvements, so I will work on the following. Using greater heal, I never ever use it, I thought it would out mana me, but having a proper play with it now I can see what a massive healing it does. I will work this into my rotation in tonight's raid. As for prayer of healing, I was under the impression that it was not so commonly used in Dis, but yes it may look as if in particular I did not use it much on those fights. (using them more in 5 mans however is making things easier). Lastly your right I do not use binding heal at all. I will have to look into this heal a little more, as I have underestimated how useful it is now(read some articles on here about it this morning). I will also have a go at a spec without attonment, I don't particulary like it. Il get rid of the barrier glyph too. I will repost to let you know what the results of these changes are on my performance. Thanks again for the help. Il try to digest most of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanda View Post
    My first guess would be that your interface and your keybindings suck, do you use Grid, Clique, Power Auras, mouseover macros? Do you see your rapture cooldown?
    I got the world best Grid for Priests! If you wanna try it out I could upload you my settings xd
    I use Vuhdo, and have some simple keybindings. Have heard good things about clique and grid but I am utterly rubbish at setting these things up. If there's a way to upload your settings that would be great!

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    and yes I use Ingelas Rapture mod to track rapture.

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    The problem is disc is not so good for the zandalaris dungeons since there's a lot of dmg, mostly aoe (especially when meeting groups with tanks that can handle threat right or dpsers that go full out before the tank can get a threat lead) where disc doesn't perform so well. Every time I did a zandalari, unless the group is good and everyone knows their job, there is often a wipe involved. Recently after another wipe(s) (mostly due to everyone getting aggro and taking dmg) at the dragonhawk boss (the adds that hatch from eggs weren't killed fast enough) I dropped group and decided to try a holy pve spec. I haven't ever played holy before but the next dungeon I queued everything went so smooth. Since then I keep queuing as holy and everything is a breeze in the troll 5 mans. I really suggest you give it a try as holy has a really nice aoe output that can overcome the dmg even if the groups suck (hell I healed tanks through 2 packs of lions that spawn from bushes before the boss with the water totems, and also healed through the dmg at the boss that drops the swift zulian panther when the tank went from pack to pack practically agroing all of them in probably less than 15 sec). As disc I was most of the time being stressed to keep everyone alive while also trying to manage my mana so i don't run oom, now i'm actually having fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArekuD View Post
    As disc I was most of the time being stressed to keep everyone alive while also trying to manage my mana so i don't run oom, now i'm actually having fun.
    This was exactly how I was feeling, stressed. I was able to get a group to the end, a few wipes and noone moaning, but I felt I was working way too hard. But as you say tanks not handling threat or dps not in the right place usually to blame. Made lots of changes today and I am looking forward to seeing how they fare in my raid.

    Will also try a troll as holy maybe, see what the difference is.

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    Ok well as I raided tonight there was lots of things I could have done much better, but taken on a fair bit of the advice and noticed a big difference in my healing output...shame it wasn't such a great night overall...but healing wasn't the issue.

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