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    Spriest add ons.

    New spriest. Just wondering if there are any must have add ons.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fiireballz View Post
    New spriest. Just wondering if there are any must have add ons.

    Really you don't need any addons.

    but... I recommend that you pick up a DoT timer or use Power Auras as one. That's the best way to keep track of your VT/DP so they don't fall off. You can also use Power Auras to keep you updated on your MB/SWD/Shadowfiend cooldowns as well, and keep an eyeball on your shadow orb stack etc etc..

    So.. uh.. get power auras ;p

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    A dot timer if you really want one..

    Nothing else.

    Edit: A keyboard helps, and maybe a mouse, add-ons to your PC

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    I'll be contrary a bit. I use TellMeWhen, PowerAuras and ForteXorcist. The last is the only really important one for me as it allows you to track run times for dots on multiple mobs. I use PowerAuras for tracking orbs and warning me when a target is at 25% health and TellMeWhen for everything else.

    Most of this is in the UI but with larger monitors and all, I like being able to move things around a bit to make everything easy to see.

    I also keep Healbot around and occasionally visible in case I need to toss out a Hymn or PW:S someone. Most spriests don't bother with healing but once in a while, it's helpful to be able to save a wipe by doing something.

    Addons are very specific to the user. It's possible to play the game well without them. But if something is helpful to you, you shouldn't worry too much about using one.

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    I'm a huge fan of Event Horizon.
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    -Powerauras Classic
    -Quartz cast bar

    Some very good ones to have.

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    I would recommend a custom cast bar that shows you Mind Flay ticks. It's not absolutely crucial, but it sure is a big help. And once you use one you won't want to go back to a regular cast bar.

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    Gnosis pride here.
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    I use Event Horizon, and I love it. I find it a lot better than other dot trackers, as it is easier to determine which action to do next.

    Also, an addon showing mind flay ticks is very useful, along with the latency. I'm using Quartz, but they are other good ones around.

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    Gnosis Cast bar. Made by a fellow sPriest and does tick tracking a lot better than Quartz. This allows you to be better at MF1 and MF2 when needed.

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    Gotta say, ButtonTimers is the sheeeeeit.

    Gnosis for castbar, Satrina Buff Frames for proc tracking.
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    gnosis for castbar

    tellmewhen for everything else: dots, procs, buffs, debuffs... whatever Here you got my UI if you want to see how it looks.

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    Grown to love Shadowtimers.
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    Grown to love Shadowtimers.

    Also, Quartz (castbar) and ForteXorcist (Dot-tracker and ICD timer for procs like DMC:V, Lightweave and Power Torrent)
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    If you are really serious about making the most out of your dps, then consider getting...
    -something that will track when Mind FLay ticks are for clipping purposes
    -and something that will show latency in your castbar so you know (even more accuratly) when dots are going to tick

    gnosis is nice, there are others that may feel more comfortable, try some out

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    If you're looking for something that simply works, I highly recommend MFClip.

    It's designed to cater exactly for Spriests and their DoT tracking, so it works out of the box without any fuss, and is one of the better tracking addons about as of now. I'd recommend using TidyPlates and the Quatre theme for multi-DoT tracking, it creates icons above enemy nameplates displaying the durations of your debuffs on them, extremely useful for maintaining multiple sets of DoTs.
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    Xperl and OmniCC is all you need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moshic View Post
    Xperl and OmniCC is all you need.
    Man, this answer is 6-7 years old. There are lots of better tools or addons now... OmniCC is great but... Xperl??????

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    MFClip is sooooo good. Only one you need apart from standard fare like unit frames and action bars. Tukui + MFClip and you're all set.
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