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    I use:
    Shadow Timers - for DOT timer, (I prefer this over MFClip, but it's not bad)
    Quartz - for latency addition to cast bar/customize-able cast bar
    Tidy Plates - easier to select mobs, and track multi-DOTing/CCs imo.
    Elkano's Buff Bars - tottaly optional, but I like to be able to customize the way my temporary buffs/procs are displayed.
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    I like my Ovale addon - would be lost without it. Going to try MFClip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    I'll be contrary a bit. I use TellMeWhen, PowerAuras and ForteXorcist. The last is the only really important one for me as it allows you to track run times for dots on multiple mobs. I use PowerAuras for tracking orbs and warning me when a target is at 25% health and TellMeWhen for everything else.
    I use TellMeWhen for virtually everything including tracking orbs. While it doesn't warn as such when a mob is below 25% I've got it to display Shadow Word: Death when it's off CD and the boss' health is below 25%, which is enough for me. I use TidyPlates for multi-dot tracking, and Quartz as a cast bar.

    I also keep Healbot around and occasionally visible in case I need to toss out a Hymn or PW:S someone. Most spriests don't bother with healing but once in a while, it's helpful to be able to save a wipe by doing something.
    I do the same. As they say every little helps :3 That and the healer within me won't let me not have raid frames up just incase.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldarc View Post
    Man, this answer is 6-7 years old. There are lots of better tools or addons now... OmniCC is great but... Xperl??????
    And TidyPlates.

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