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    Female tauren should be 0%, ugly as hell x(

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    I can't believe that female orcs has the lowest percent. They got the best animations, the best emotes, the best voice acting, the best everything. I suppose the problem must be that the average person just can't take being exposed to that level of awesomeness.

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    Wow Chaud, you should get into politics or advertising. Pecentage of people who play Orc/Dwarf male/female =/= more people choose to play female Dwarves than female Orcs. Grats on the promotion.

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    actually there are less female dorfs why ... cos thats the % from the race .... so lets say :there are 1000 orcs and 500 dorfes female orcs are 10% ? then 100 , and female dorfies 13 ? then its 65 ? so the dorf female are still a rarity even if they got bigger percentage .... there are lot more orcs then dorfes .

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    I sense a mathematical failure here. These statistics are interesting but please represent them also in terms of the total number of characters played not just in terms of the characters of the same race. I believe that in actuality there should be less female forsaken than orcs simply because there are huge amounts of orcs.

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    Clearly these numbers indicate people's dissatisfaction with the male Draenei character model. This includes me who plays female as a male consequently. Which sucks cause everything looks so small on them.

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    Chaud, could you tell us what method did you use ? (some general stuff, no details needed). I noticed that API section on US lately and i love it, tried few things with it and bumped into your post saying you dont want to share it there for some reason. Also /waggle :O

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    Worgen: Female derpfaces Draenei: Mucho hideous deformed males, bangin' hot females Makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Why is that chaud guy posting news instead of me? What the hell is wrong in this world?
    He's a bird. Your a cat. Go eat him!!

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    draenei female.... ok let's pretend I don't get it...

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    indeed Draenei Females and Blood Elf Females...Blizzards gift to our nerd imaginations =) XD =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nooble View Post
    The Draenei one doesn't shock me. The Blood Elf one does, as does the Night Elf. I have both a female orc and a female dwarf, heh.
    agree the NE one does to me as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alixie View Post
    I always kinda assumed most female players played bloodelves and draenei. Mostly agreed to be the best looking female designs, plus both races share the same body type and face type. Belf and draenei are just blue and pink reskins of each other.
    They... aren't?

    Have you seriously looked at how thin/flat BEves look compared to Draenei?
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    Simpson's paradox?

    Just for fun I added all the ratio percentages to the number of people who play each race (at level 85 only) from wowCensus:

    with this you can actually compare all the females / males with each other. Female dwarf still loses. by a tiny bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sting View Post
    "I feel these statistics are wrong, based on my test sample of at most 100 people". Really now? You make that bold of a statement and then even have the courage to question the sample size of the OP?
    Troll harder please. I'm genuinely surprised when I see male Blood Elves, Draenei, or Night elves, and I see them rarely. Therefore from my experience this data does not accurately reflect my in-game experience. This is my opinion, not a fact. Other people are obviously going to have a different in-game experience but from my point of view I have serious doubts about the sample size and how well female characters and female players were represented in this poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revrant View Post
    Worgen: Female derpfaces Draenei: Mucho hideous deformed males, bangin' hot females Makes sense.
    Well, I'm definatley not compaining here as a male Draenei player! XD

    At least our race won't die out due to a shortage of females :3 (Payback's a bitch, isn't it Orcs? )

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