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    Smile Ruthless Staff or 1hand?

    I'm checking out some priest on armory and i can see that some priest go dagger some mace.
    Not really sure whats the best one tho.
    I'm going with the staff because i in the first place think it looks awesome. But secondly i really like some extra spirit.

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    1h+offhand is better unless you desperately need the extra spirit

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    If you want spirits maces usually have that stat. It's sort of a throwback to when maces were "healer weapons" and daggers were "dps weapons". In general (especially now that OH can be enchanted) you will get more stats from a 1h + oh combination than a staff of equal ilvl.

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    Go 1h/oh for more int. The added resi/spirit/sta don't make up for the extra int from the 1h/oh.

    Only thing staff has going for it is the cooler looks.

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    If you search the past 2 weeks, someone actually did the full math on what you get with mh/oh vs staff.

    It works out to roughly +35 intellect to use a 1-hander due to the extra enchant. You however lose a small chunk of spirit to crit for what can't be reforged.

    All in all, 1h/oh is best, unless you desire the cosmetics of the staff.

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    there is realativly little different between the mace and dagger besides looks, the staff is slightly* worse stat wise

    *slightly worse if everything is properly enchanted and you don't need the spirit /would prefer the crit

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    Staff obviously, looks 20000 times better!

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    "Going with the staff over MH/OH gives you the following when you factor in +40 int OH enchant:

    +9 stam
    -33 int
    -3 spellpower
    +4 resil
    +135 spirit
    -131 crit"

    From Arena Junkies: http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/20...ff-comparison/

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    Reading this, I ask myself: Why the hell did they have to introduce a offhand-enchant?
    why couldnt they just leave it as it is, so that its possible to take Two-hand / One-hand+Offhand and both had same stats?
    whats the point in making twohanders worse for every class/specc ?? (talking about int stuff obviously)

    I wonder which idiot blizz-worker was drunk when he had that idea...

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