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    Questions about cycling

    So i started riding my bike around lately as a form of cardio because after doing a tid bit of research it at least appeared that cycling was amazingly good at burning calories. Most sources say that pretty much cycling burns more calories than running which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. While i sort of can understand it maybe but running is infinitely harder on me, and then swimming at least at a competitive pace is infinitely still harder compared to running. So in order of difficultly Swimming>Running>Cycling, but according to calorie sources the actual calorie burn is Cycling>Running>Swimming. Is this true? and if anyone does cycle can someoen explain to me why 15-17 mph is considered vigorous? My bikes not some super amazing one but it's halfway there to a racing bike and i can average almost double than the "vigorous" thing. Is my mph measure off or what?

    Pretty much i just wanna know if cycling actually does burn that much calories, because as of right now i can burn like 400+ (closer to 500) calories in under a half hour supposedly, that seems like a dam near godsend when i can break over (theoretically) 1000 calories an hour doing this.
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    I was under the impression that Swimming is best as it doesn't put pressure on any joints, and uses just as many calories.

    The advantage of cycling is that you can essentially cycle for hours. You cannot run for hours. I don't believe running uses fewer calories than cycling, although I do prefer cycling myself.

    Uh, 17mph isn't very rigorous. I can easily average 25km/h, which is about 15 or 16 mph, and I use a mountain bike (not nearly as fast as a road bike). 40km/h (25 mph) is rigorous for me on that bike.

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    can someoen explain to me why 15-17 mph is considered vigorous? My bikes not some super amazing one but it's halfway there to a racing bike and i can average almost double than the "vigorous" thing. Is my mph measure off or what?
    It is highly unlikely that you average 30mph.

    Lance Armstrong averages about 30-35 on TdF wins.

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    I don't think it's just me who experiences this, or has experienced this: I found out awhile ago when I just stuck to running for a good month or so, then hoped onto a bike - it totally wiped me out more than running did. Then after a period of cycling, I decided to go back to running and guess what happened? I found running to be more vicious than biking. I have found that cross-training helped my body remain challenged and that just because I was getting "better" at one form of cardio (running) - didn't mean I was invincible at everything else. Although there are many ways to challenge yourself more on a bike (heavy inclines, whee!) should try switching it up at least a couple times a week.
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    the calories you burn ofc highly depend on your weight, the speed you're going and the terrain you're running in. This is true for running and cycling, ofc.
    Cycling just seems so much easier (and is, in a way) because you have a rotational, steady movement instead of the weight pressure in your knees you get every step while running. I also prefer cycling over running.
    Swimming, however, is one of the most effective cardio exercises because you use your whole body. The best for this would be backstroke, but any style will do (butterfly being like weight lifting, lol). Swimming is a good cardio also at what you wouldn't consider "competitive" speed, as long as you're swimming, not bathing.
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    oops misread thought this thread was going to be about roids.

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    The other day I was cycling with a bag containing two 10 pounds weight and I can tell you I burned a insane amount of calories, I was sweating from all the parts of my body.

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    I can run for hours, 4 hours 10 minutes, that is the time i finished my marathon

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    Well, the deal is this:
    Running puts much pressure on your joints and is essentially harder.
    Swimming is probably the best as you use all your muscles and there's no joint pressure, but it might get boring swimming back and forth for a long time.
    Cycling is amazing to relax, you don't have to ride too fast and still get sweaty and thus exercise, PLUS cycling can take you far away and you can see loads of stuff.

    That's why I love cycling so much, but the best is to combine everything.

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