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    Need help Vs kitty cleave

    Anyone have any suggestions every time feral/warrior feral/dk warrior/dk comps in 3s seem to just own the crap outta my disc, begging in fight i swich to Inner fire for dmg red, but everytime its like charge/leap/stun/silence/ try to juke intrupt/blah blah blah. globaled.. i keep renew, bubble,PoM, pop PS when they pop reckless, everything, trinket + DP when i start to get low, and ofc inner focus to save intrupts which ill just get stunned through yada..

    any suggestions how to surv burst?

    My comp, Warrior/Ench/disc

    my armory. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...lent/secondary

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    with your combo theres really nothing your teamates can do to save you apart from an aoe fear, so, play your cooldowns right and you might survive. there's not much more you can do against that combo with your current combo

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    Try and get a ful grace stack + a decent DA shield before you decide to go out in the open like every other cleave team if you need to start healing your partners, tell your partners to engage the Warr/DK asap to force them to start peeling early or force CDs, you should be able to tank a feral for quite some time if they decide to split DPS which they shouldn't.
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    I think your doing your role rite, but are your warrior disarming, intervening, piercing howling, demo shouting, hamstringing, throwdown etc etc?
    And shaman (which is called enha, not Ench) is he hexing, eartbinding (talented to remove snares, works bad live tho) and throwing a odd heal on you? Specially on a opening burst it can make a difference. Using Frostbrand to root one of the dps isnt bad neither...

    Well, thats just my quick thougths, i'm not a top rated player myself, but thats some of the things i would have done, just make sure you do in the rigth order

    Hope it created some thougths too improve your gameplay as a team

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    First off i would learn that your shaman spec is not enchantment (seeing as how u abbreviated him to ench) its enhancement. second your team has pretty decent peels and ur shaman can insta heal you if u need it... well he can actually just heal u in general. i would recommend picking up a feral instead of the shaman, or just going RMP =)
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    just as joe82 mention, your survival vs melee teams lies in the hands of your teammates.
    they just have to somehow help you by trying to ceep the melees away from you, and you just have to outheal it.
    the other option is of course putting even more pressure on the enemy healer then they put on you, so the have to help him more often which also takes pressure of you (or results in a double melee vs double melee rest of fight ^^)
    i hate double melee teams most as priest, you just have to find your technique how you and your teammates can handle the situation somehow...

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