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    Beth 10 man reg - Healing on Upper Level

    so our guild is on beth now. im normally on the lower level during the fight and we usually get her to p2 most of the time but usually our transition from p1 to p2 is a little choppy and we just havnt gotten her down yet but close.

    However, my raid leader is a holy pally and he is usually the one on top, due to problems and him not really being able to see what is going on all the time on the lower level its hard for him to change things for the better with out really knowing whats going on. So for tomorrow nights raid we will be switching spots so he can get a better grip on the lower level and whats going on down there.

    Since i havnt healed the upper level before, i was wondering what others if they have healed the upper level found helpful and what i can expect when im up there.

    I am a HOLY priest im not able to post my armory yet but if you want to look me up to get a better feel for what im working with my guy is

    Trickss on Cenarius server

    thanks for the help

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    Ok. I heal up top as a Disc, a smidge different but some similar items. Here are some top suggestions that we've used.

    1. DO mark the Tank going up. I like the Green Triangle it stands out against the red..super easy to see.
    2. DO NOT be afraid of using life grip to pull tank out of fire..he wipe...falling = bad - You also stay out of the fire...again falling = bad
    3. You'll use a mostly amount of binding heal, greater heal, and PoM. I bubble a as I can and penance. You'll have something similar with the single target Chakra heal.
    4. When strands drop - keep an eye on that triangle, move to the thread farthest from him..sooner tank gets to the top, sooner AOE stops. Jump when you see him jump. The visual lag should be just enough to let him get aggro on over you.

    Tips for phase 2
    1. mark on the floor where you want folks to gather. Tanks should maneuver Beth so her butt is right there, easy pickings for the non-hunter dps. Everyone should stack and hunters should stack as close as they can to that spot and still dps.

    2. Call out for 'uber' CD's like Hymn, Tranquility,

    3. DO GS one of the tanks, they might need it, I'd wait til after the Heroism effect wears off...stacks should start being crazy at that point is my guess.

    Hope that helps - Elsmond

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    Very important to let your tank get up there asap- don't take the tank's strand :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Seahippo View Post
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    Healing up top is very doable as Holy as well:

    1) Serenity chakra, Renews on everyone up there
    2) Binding heal yourself and one DPS to keep the Renew going
    3) If you have a second DPS up there, use Holy Word on them to keep the Renew going
    4) Gheal the tank
    5) Use PoM on CD, it will bounce around a lot

    I've found that to be quite efficient and leaves you with plenty of mana and all your CDs for the end.

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    thank you all very much. All info provided was very useful!! ill will update after to say what worked well for me and my thoughts

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    I'd suggest using Bloodlust late in the fight, at < 40% of Beth's health. It not only boosts your DPS but also the healing output, which will be needed if your group is still working on the fight. Beth at high frenzy stacks just hurts.

    On Top: Healing on top of the canopy is usually pretty relaxing, especially if your tank is a Druid or a Death Knight. They tend to avoid a lot of the hits completely, and DKs have their awesome self healing, which really relieves stress. Be warned: Beth HAS a pretty nasty punch, so an unlucky streak of hits can and will cause trouble. Stay in Chakra: Serenity, abuse Binding Heal, abuse Prayer of Mending and don't be afraid to use Guardian Spirit on the tank if you have to. The CD is short enough that you can easily use it again at the end of the fight. Once you go down you should again switch your Chakra to Sanctuary, because in P2 the Holy Pally should take the tank. It's just easier for him than for you, and there is a tremendous amount of raid damage flying everywhere, which plays into your inherent strenght.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elsmond View Post
    Call out for 'uber' CD's like Hymn
    Laughed hard irl at this line XD

    But pretty much what he said was correct if you have like a spirit link and tranquility or barrier it helps a lot at the very end like sub 10% if you are having issues with the fight dragging on long 2 of those 3 preferably.

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    Make sure you DO NOT go up before your tank is up or Beth'tilac will destroy you. Once you're up just don't stand or fall in the holes in the web (marked by bright red flaming circles) or you fall through and your tank dies. That said, Beth'tilac hits very hard so be prepared to put up some large heals on your tank, and he will have to cycle some cooldowns. There's not much else I can say besides she hits like a truck.

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    Watch the tank and don't go up before him or the boss ganks you.
    But when he goes up, follow him asap. Obviously this means that the tank should not go up before there are at least 2 ropes hanging down.
    If you and the dps goes up at full health, you won't really need extra heals before going back down, so focus on the tank and only heal others if tank is okay.
    Yes, binding heal is cool here. BH is cool almost everywhere anyway
    You can cast while "slipping up" the rope.

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    We always have one of our Holy priests going up at Beth'Tilac. The tank and the priest both go up at the same time (calling it out on TS3). When moving up the priest fades, so he won't get hit by Beth (a bit buggy sometimes). The tank pops a main cooldown (Guardian of Ancient Kings in our case) straight away, followed by a small cooldown (Divine Protection) to lower the dmg taken. For the second time up it is another major cooldown (Argent Defender) followed by a small cooldown (Divine Protection) again. For the last one it is GS from holy priest with the small cooldown again.

    For the healing itself, it looks like a mix of AoE healing and big heals on the tank. Here is a log of one of our kills.

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    I'm not a priest but i always do top healing as paladin. Yesterday we did the first 5 bosses with 2 healers, the other one being a druid. Yesterday we did Beth with 2 dps up, me and the Dk tank. I have one rule when it comes to healing on the web. Me and the tank go up at the same time. If that means he has 2 wait 3 secs for me to get a lift, so be it, although our guild is good in synching this. Doing so prevents the tank being alone for 2-3 secs taking damage which means you are behind on healing him. Going up at the same time = 90-100% hp tank. Him being low means you have to pull all stops to keep him up, risking death or heavy mana loss.

    Last week we did beth with no dps up, but with 3 healers total. Easier to heal upstairs with only 2 ppl there and even if beth comes down at 90% hp, dps and healing should be okay for a kill (we had her once healed up to 100% by spiderlings at start of fase 2 and still killed it).
    No real healing tips but more tactictips. Hope it's usefull.

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    You can also cast on the tank while riding the web up using Holy Word instant+PoM
    But there's no reason a tank can't survive 5 to 10 seconds from full health w/o a healer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UunaPriest View Post
    But there's no reason a tank can't survive 5 to 10 seconds from full health w/o a healer.
    completely true, but it makes it that much riskier. why risk it when learning a fight? to test your healers if they can recover from that? Even on farm we go up at the same time, it is just safer.

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    One thing we do is mark the tank and the top-healer. Obviously the tank goes first, then you, then dps. We have had a wipe or two because a dps or the top-healer goes before the tank, or a dps goes up with the tank before the healer. It is obviously, but the order you all go up is very important.

    Also, if you have a healer that can HoT or Earthshield the top-tank, get them to do so for the first 5-15 seconds when people are heading up so that he can survive before the healer gets up with him/her. Then, if it's a shaman you are healing with, the shaman can move the ES to the down-tank after you're up. At first, we had trouble when the tank is up there for 5 seconds before the top-healer gets up.

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    dont be to afraid about the timing, as long as the tank waits for your rope to come down, just go up as soon as you see a tank buzzing up the ropes.

    I've got no clue how the hell that happend and how it worked, but once, we had a holypaly and a DD which didn't know the encounter...
    => whole phase 1, there was only 1 person on the net, a paly tank. went up late, came down a bit early, but he survived. dont ask me how ^^
    but if your tank isnt afk gaming, he will survive a few seconds without you up there.
    (had to do tons of AE heal to compensate, Rdruid and me where both scrapping the 20k mark at the end of the fight... i cant imagine heroic being much harder xD)

    i havent been on the net as holy, but i would strongly recommend you to ceep renews rolling an all 3 people, and ceep PoMs bouncing. healing a few people (2-4) that take moderate dmg is easy as holy thanks to renew rolling (nef p2 says hallo). And as others have mentioned, use that binding heal.

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    I just want to stress the fact that it is IMPORTANT that your tank is the first person to reach up there. BUT it is nearly as important that YOU reach the top right behind him. If your tank grabs the first spidersilk he sees and you have to wait an eternity till there is a second, the tank will be quite low on health the moment you're able to heal him. If he is equally wellgeared then you are, he will be most likely dead.

    If you're going up, you're married with your tank. He will go first, but you will hold his hand. Stay cosy.

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    everything worked out great thanks for all the helpful advice... downed her after 4 pulls.... now for baleroc.... haha

    Binding Heal FTW

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    Fade on the rope really helps prevent instadeath as you pop up.

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    I heal upper phase both in normal and heroic (10 man).

    On normal, it doesn't matter which spec you choose, or how you're reforged

    1) The important thing, is that you time your going up with the tank. In our raids, the tank always takes the farthest away "elevator" and I always takes the closest. I make sure he's at as close to 100% as I can before he goes up.

    2) Click a web as soon as you see the animation of your tank who's going up (makes you arrive 2 seconds after tank).

    3) Try to stand behind the tank (and Beth'tilac) infront of you, this will make sure the tank is never LoS due to the roots upstairs and no multiple fires around the hole.

    4) If holy, keep renew on everyone who's upstairs, and PW:S if you're disc.

    5) Binding heal. As soon as you or anyone else upstairs is below 80% health, use this. Tank should use his defensive cooldowns as he gets up, he's gonna be there 1-7 seconds alone, and a shieldwall will save you 50.000 mana. So does Guardian Spirit. I never heal someone with guardian spirit unless it's 3 seconds left of the buff.

    6) Use PoM as soon as you get up, it _will_ heal for 5 "fire novas". And always use shadowfiend at <70% mana.

    7) NEVER jump in the hole while going down, you'll get 100% fall damage. Tell your tanks & dps not to jump while going down.

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