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    How to reforge for 10 man

    I am mainly the tank healer in my guilds 10 man. We have a resto druid and shaman along with me as heals. i have an extreme amount of mastery, but was wondering if i should reforge some mastery into other things. I do help with aoe damage when the fights have it but i am mainly healing the tanks. i use POS and GH a ton so i can cast POS on the tank faster. Not sure if it will hlep to have more haste or keep my mastery since most fights my bubbles are my #1 heal is bubble.

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    Wait a second, didn't you start the same thread yesterday? http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...1#post12646141

    If you are looking for insight on your toon, let us know name, server, US/EU, WoL reports...

    Stickies may also help if you want to stay anonymous.

    Stat weight seems to be the repeated theme the last few weeks, take some time to read a few threads posted here on page one and two.

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    Disc In a nutshell:

    If 40% of your healing is coming from PW:S, go mastery, otherwise Haste is king.

    In 10's more than likely you wont be shielding the whole raid most of the time so haste is where its at. If I find myself running low on mana or not casting to conserve mana I'll balance crit and haste till the issue is resolved.

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    I have tried all possible options, and in good healer comps for 10 man (priest paladin druid right?) I honestly get about 10% more throughput by stacking haste. Then I found another 10% tucked away hiding in all that unnecessary spirit I was carrying. The way rapture is scaling right now, there's no reason to lean on mast/crit for efficiency when raid healing - if you're OOMing, you're doing it wrong. You should even be looking to tone back your spirit at current gear levels, so yes. For disc, while raid healing, haste. Even if your spec is SoS. 2.1 sec gheal / PoH feels very powerful.

    I run 2400 spirit right now and still have no difficulties with mana. Next week I'll reforge down to 2200 and see what happens.

    I realize this goes against a number of things I've said in the past, but I'm just a hard sell and have to understand why. That's why I always think about the alternatives and give them a try before just going with what the community says.

    From another perspective, I don't look for 40% D/H from PW:S, the threshold is about 50-55% healing from absorbs (PW:S + aegis). Just another way to look at it.
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