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    Void Storage and Transmogrifier - Patch 4.3 Teasing?

    Void Storage and Transmogrifier - Patch 4.3 Teasing?
    A teaser on the official Warcraft Facebook Page hints at two new types of NPCs coming in a future patch, most likely Patch 4.3: the Transmogrifier and Void Storage NPCs.

    "Transmogrifier" seems to hint at a way to change the appearance of something, the first thing coming to my mind is either a way to change the look of your items (it was experimented in the past with things such as Darkspear Overcloak but dropped later). I guess it could also be a way to change facial/body features on characters.

    The "Void Storage" is probably ... well, another kind of storage? Or a high-tech magic trash can.

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    Heh, a bit late it would seem b00b, but fair enough. This does seem very interesting. Not a big fan of ethereals per se, but this does look intriguing.

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    Hmmmm....... Interesting

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    Tbh i think Void Storage sounds more like a vendor for something.

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    allways liked the skin of those npcs ^^

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    ooooohh ahhhhhhh

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    Gimme bank slot ! BANK SLOT

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    Account wide storage slots, maybe? >.>

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    Glad to see the ethereals back! Missed them since TBC.

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    Void storage would be a nice way to send items between servers I guess. Sort of a shared bank for all characters on a Bnet account.

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    I hope the void storage is cross server storage for things like heirlooms. that would be one way for them to solve that problem.

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    Void Storage maybe a way to Send BoA's Cross-server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renovo View Post
    Account wide storage slots, maybe? >.>
    that actually makes some sense. some type of wide storage
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    Anything related to ethereal energies and the consortium and I'm in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vayjir View Post
    Tbh i think Void Storage sounds more like a vendor for something.
    How does storage sound like a vendor?

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    This is very interesting actually. even tho i dont know anything about this. still pretty interested.

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    Void? As in, "Vengeance of the Void?"/duck

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    Ah! The Transmogrifier! Scientific progress does, indeed, go 'boink.'

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    Yay Etherals! I loved those guys in TBC! I'm glad to see them making a comeback One of my favorites =3

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