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    Mind Blast Timing - Contradictory Advice

    Hi, returning Spriest getting my play back on par. I'm at 361 iLevel and only doing roughly 18k DPS

    I'm pretty comfortable with myself as a player and rotation, but I can't find confirmation about when to Mind Blast with the latest buffs. I will not likely find myself with 4 Piece T12 anytime soon.

    Anyways, I am confused when to mind blast is ideal. I thought the scheme was to keep Emp. Shadows up at any cost so:

    1) If ES is up: Wait for three orbs then mind blast, or if ES is about to drop and I have an orb(s) mind blast with however many I have. Is this outdated?

    I've heard from some sources to MB off CD regardless. Others saying MB immediately when I get an orb.

    Anyone have advice?

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    Well it mostly depends on how comfortable you are with the class mechanics and how good you are tracking ES. In a nutshell this is my thought process with MB in a fight.

    -Get and orb and cast MB to get ES up asap.

    -IF MB comes off CD and I have no orb AND there is at least 8 secs left on ES (you generally get 2 MB's for every duration of ES roughly) then cast MB. If no orbs AND there is less than 8 secs left on ES then wait for orb.

    -IF I chose to wait for an orb (or I cast a MB with no orb and MB is now on CD) and an orb doesn't proc and ES is down to 3 secs, recast VT and DP, then cast MB.

    -Start over at the top.

    ... I hope that makes sense. If it's confusing I can smush it into a flowchart

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    Latest update of the shadow sticky in this very same forum says it's competitive to use it on cd, so might as well save you all the timing trouble if you're going to get <1% dps increase.

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    The trick is making sure you keep ES up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zsun View Post

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    I use MB on cooldown if i have at least one orb up, if not i'll wait... The way described above is probably mathematically better, but this way is easier and you can pay more attention to other stuff going on around you.

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    if you're lazy, and only want to decide in between
    a) use on CD
    b) use for ES refresh
    then take a.

    but get an addon that tracks ES + Orbs so that you can see them well, then its no problem to use MB on CD but also keep an eye on ES. (as described above)

    ps: i wouldnt advise you to do Heaps technique. I mean while you're whatching out for Orbs anyway, you can also give ES buff length a glimps :-) (then we're back to doing it "the right way")
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    What others have said is correct, as to OP's post, there's no advantage to waiting for orbs x3 to cast MB.

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    I have done various tests on this to see if there was an advantage one way or the other. Honestly there doesn't seem to be a big difference either way. Waiting for 1 orb to cast MB is in my opinion the better option as that ensures there will be hardly any downtime on ES and it also makes the rest of the rotation a little easier to manage. I noticed that when I cast MB on CD I would lose the ES buff a lot more which is potentially very bad depending. Either way will work just fine though from my tests. This will possibly change with 4pc T-12 since MB will do more damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zsun View Post

    Please try to post constructively ~ Ultima
    Ok, Apologies then.

    So back on topic:

    1 orb + MB off CD = CAST
    0 orb + MB off CD + more than 6.5sec left on ES = CAST
    0 orb + MB off CD + less than 6.5sec left on ES + more than 8sec left on BOTH VT and DP = CAST (debatable topic)
    0 orb + MB off CD + less than 6.5sec left on ES + less than 8 sec on either VT or DP = DONT CAST*

    *You can still choose to cast but by doing so you must prematurely refresh your VT and DP before ES falls off. Although this will allow your VT and DP to retain the ES effect, SW:P and MF will not.

    Mind Blast is something that should be used frequently, usually used with at least 1 shadow orb to refresh empowered shadows. Whenever you refresh empowered shadows, you can afford to cast the next mind blast that's coming off CD without any orbs, since by that time there is still enough time to wait until the mind blast after that for refreshing purposes without jeopardizing the empowered shadow's uptime. However by doing so, you are slightly gimping your chances to accumulate any shadow orbs from mind flay, since the time spent casting the 0 orb mind blast could have been 2 ticks of mind flay, hence 2 chances to generate an orb. However in the long run these 2 extra chances are relatively quite small, and usually taking that risk (as opposed to playing safe) to cast the 0 orb mind is more worth it in terms of overall dps. However again there is an exception to this risk in the circumstance where dots are close to falling off soon (less than 8 seconds is a reasonable estimation). In that case I'd rather play it safe and NOT cast that 0 orb MB because I don't want to risk refreshing those dots in case I lose my empowered shadows at the same time.

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    Keep it on CD as much as possible while keeping ES as close to 100% uptime as you can.

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