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    (disc) t11 normal vs s10 pvp head/shoulders for PvE

    Thinking of working towards the s10 Helm and Shoulders between raids.

    I just did the math and using s10 pvp gear would give me...

    + 217 int
    -223 spirit
    -90 green stats

    ... Including set bonus and the sockets i'd actually use.

    I'm already reforging away from spirit and 90 in greens doesn't really bother me (+80 extra from reforged spirit i guess). I'd also look a lot less retarded :P
    I'm very much considering this... What do you guys think, is it worth the extra effort (untill i get 378 raid gear)?

    Armory if you're interested:

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    All of your current stats and gear should be more than enough to get you through 7/7. I'm looking at your current helm and shoulders versus the 384 PvP versions and these are the numbers I gather (to expand on the math you give):

    Drop PvE Helm + Shoulders:
    -281 -233 -80 (sockets) int
    -137 -102 -20 (socket) spirit
    -168 crit
    -91 -149 +20 (socket) haste
    -67 mastery

    Add PvP Helm + Shoulders (I'm taking the haste helm and haste shoulders in this example with 0 reforges):
    +371 +300 +70 (sockets) +70 (bonus) int
    +0 spirit
    +0 crit
    +227 +194 +20 (socket) haste
    +0 mastery
    +287 +214 +30 (socket) +400 (bonus) resilience

    Total math:
    +214 int
    -259 spirit
    -168 crit
    +181 haste
    -67 mastery
    +931 resilience

    So for 214 int and 181 haste, you would be sacrificing 259 spirit, 168 crit, and 67 mastery. That is 494 points lost in secondary stats, while you have 531 (not including +400 set bonus) useless resilience and wasted stats, but I can understand that +214 int is appealing. My personal opinion: keep the PvE 359 gear and wait for FL drops.

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    Don't go substituting your PvE gear for some PvP gear. It in all honesty, is not worth it. More Int, sure, but you lose Spirit and secondary stats which are helpful.
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    Sorry, but if he does not experience manaproblems, he won't notice the lack of spirit. Therefore, he will just loose (168 + 67) - 181 = negligible.
    214 * 1.15 * 1.05 Int is NOT negligible, especially looking at the fact that our 50% in-combat-reg isn't the powerhouse like it is for holypriests. But shadowfiend and rapture will profit through Int. A lot.
    Also, Int is spellpower and a bit spellcrit, so the loss of throughputgreens is even less grave.

    Your gear is sufficient for 7/7, but if you're far from getting Tokens and PVP is something you enjoy... it's something I would try. But i won't work my ass off to get those PvP-pieces just to replace them with T12. Because T12 is clearly superior.

    But remember the fact that you're using TWO trinkets with reg. If you exchange them with higher lvl trinkets, the reg gained through trinkets will be less or cease to exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heap View Post
    + 217 int
    -223 spirit
    -90 green stats
    so 217 int as mainstat vs 313 second stats. if you aint really low on spirit, then i would go for it!
    int is worth far more than second stats, especially as disc. usually you value int about double as high compared to second stats => take it.

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